Ashen Guardian Shen Skin: Splash Art, Release Date & How To Get

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Image Credits: Riot Games

Riot has unveiled the upcoming Ashen Knight skin, Ashen Guardian Shen.

In the preseason 2022 roadmap video, Riot announced that they would overhaul the mythic content system. In addition, they confirmed that they would be retiring the Hextech skin line. But as a replacement, Riot would be adding seasonal thematic for mythic skins.

After months of waiting, Riot released the first seasonal thematic skin line, and the mythic skin line for season 12 is called Ashen Knight. Furthermore, Riot Games debuted the Ashen Knight skin line with the release of Ashen Knight Pyke. And it was the best skin for Pyke. Some people would even say that the Ashen Knight Pyke skin is one of the best skin League of Legends has to offer.

Moreover, Riot released the skin around the time of the release of Elden Ring, a game created by the developers of Dark Souls. As Elden Ring was a huge success, it automatically multiplied the hype for Ashen Knight Pyke.

Afterward, Riot made two more Ashen Knight skins, Ashen Conquerer Pantheon and Ashen Slayer Sylas. However, unlike Ashen Knight Pyke, where players loved the skin, players universally disliked both the new Pantheon and Sylas skins.

After Ashen Slayer Sylas, players lost hope for a new good Ashen Knight skin. But at the end of last year, Riot released Ashen Graveknight Mordekaiser. And fans overall praised this skin for its quality. Furthermore, the player base assumed that the Mordekaiser skin would be the last Ashen Knight skin for a while since Riot had previously indicated that each season would feature a different theme.

But Riot has recently confirmed that a new Ashen Knight skin would be coming out in patch 13.6, Ashen Guardian Shen.

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Ashen Guardian Shen

The new Ashen Guardian Shen looks similar to the previous Ashen Knight skins. However, the Shen skin is one of the best Ashen Knight skins released up to date. Likewise to previous Ashen skins, this skin has some of the best visual effects compared to most other League of Legends skins.

One thing to note is that the Executive Producer at League of Legends has confirmed that Ashen Guardian Shen will be the last Ashen Knight mythic skin. So now we can expect the next mythic skin to be part of a different skin line.

Splash Art

Ashen Guardian Shen
Image Credits: Riot Games

Emberwoken Chroma

Ashen Guardian Shen Emberwoken Chroma
Image Credits: Riot Games & Julex_Gameplays

How To Get Ashen Guardian Shen

Like the other Ashen Knights Skins, Ashen Guardian Shen will be a Mythic Essence-exclusive skin. So, spending Mythic Essence is the only way to obtain this skin. Furthermore, this skin will cost 100 ME on release. The skin will also come with a chroma that can be unlocked with 40 ME.

Release Date

Ashen Guardian Shen will hit live servers in patch 13.6, scheduled to release on Thursday, March 23, 2023.

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