Apex Mobile’s Upcoming Exclusive Legend “DJ” Rhapsody: First Look, Abilities, Release Date, and More

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Credit: EA/ApexMobileLeaks

Data miners have shown us a glimpse of the upcoming legend in Apex Mobile. And the character will be “DJ” AKA Rhapsody.

Though Apex Legends PC and Mobile have some common features, EA is taking a slightly different approach to satisfy the mobile gaming enthusiasts with Apex Legends Mobile. Like many other differences, one of the most prominent attributes that make Apex Mobile unique is its exclusive legends system.

Apex Mobile released Fade as the first exclusive legend in the initial 10-men roster. It was a gamble for EA to take a different path. Still, it turned out quite nicely because the Apex Mobile community wholeheartedly accepted the idea of exclusive legends.

People immediately liked Fade because it brought something new to the Apex Mobile experience. So, after the massive success of Apex Mobile and the immense growing popularity of Fade, EA decided to bring more exclusive legends in the mobile version. Surprisingly, we already have a good idea of the following one, who goes by the codename “DJ.”

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DJ A.K.A Rhapsody First Look

Recently Apex Mobile Leaks released a poster for the Upcoming Apex Mobile’s exclusive character. According to the data miner, the codename for this legend is “DJ,” and this character’s actual name is Rhapsody.

Apex 英雄M, the official Twitter of Apex Mobile Hong Kong, initially shared this poster on their page. However, moments after revealing the poster, the tweet was deleted from the page. Also, the text in the picture translates to “Guess Who I Am?”.

In the poster, we can clearly see an unknown character, who is likely to be a female according to the data miners. Also, in the picture, a robot dog is on her shoulder named “Rowdy”. Moreover, some other files were found related to Rowdy in the game, such as Holospray, Charm, and Avatar, which confirm that this is the same robot on Rhapsody’s shoulder.

DJ A.K.A Rhapsody’s Abilities

The official list of DJ’s abilities hasn’t been confirmed yet. Only some of Rowdy’s abilities were found in the game files. However, based on her codename “DJ” and Rowdy’s leaked abilities, it is assured that Rhapsody will have sound-related abilities.

Here are some of the perks Rowdy will have:

  • Running for a period of time increases the visualized sound warning range, and stopping will cancel the effect.
  • When the Ultimate Ability is active, Squadmates near Rowdy will gain a reload speed boost.

DJ A.K.A Rhapsody’s Sound Track

According to Apex Mobile Leaks, there will be an event to unlock the DJ Sound Track by collecting music clips, Encryption, and Data Keys left by her robot dog Rowdy. The first 3 Music Clips can be obtained by finding Rowdy. The Encryption and Data Key can also be found by finding Rowdy’s Graffiti in BR mode.

After collecting all the Music Clips, Encryption, and Data keys, you will be able to unlock DJ’s full Sound Track and Special Rewards.

DJ A.K.A Rhapsody Release Date


As of now, there is no information regarding DJ’s official release date. However, expect her to enter the game at the start of Season 3.

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