Apex Legends Raiders Collection Event Release Date: Wattson’s Heirloom, New Skins, & More

The release date of the upcoming collection event in Apex Legends called Raiders featuring the long-awaited Wattson’s heirloom has been unintentionally revealed.

Respawn Entertainment launched the battle royale spin-off of their popular Titanfall franchise of video games called Apex Legends without any prior marketing. Following its release, it quickly garnered a lot of accolades mainly due to its diverse roster of legends all with unique skillsets.

Furthermore, Respawn releases collection events focusing on individual characters with each new seasonal update. These collection events introduce new limited-time game modes, legend-specific town takeovers, exclusive skins, and lastly heirlooms.

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Heirlooms are the most sought-after cosmetic items in the game as they are really rare to collect by simply opening Apex packs. The other way to collect heirlooms is the collection event as only in that limited-time period, players can purchase heirlooms via buying up all the limited-time event-specific Apex packs.

Apex Wattson heirloom collection event
Image via Respawn

However, these event-specific Apex packs usually cost more than the base Apex packs. And you have to purchase all the event-exclusive Apex packs to guarantee an heirloom. As each event pack costs around 700 Apex coins, in total players will need to spend around 168$ to collect a new heirloom.

Wattson’s heirloom is coming soon

According to leaks from reliable Apex Legends data miner, Wattson is next in line to receive her heirloom. Wattson’s heirloom is rumored to arrive alongside the upcoming collection event in Apex Legends season 11.

Based on the early leak, it seems Wattson will be receiving an undefined gadget as her heirloom.

Raiders collection event skins

So far we know that the previously leaked Space Pirate event is actually just a code name for the upcoming Raiders event. And as with every other collection event, Respawn will introduce new space pirate-themed event skins. As of writing, data miners have only revealed a Seer skin.

Space pirate apex skins
image via garret

Aside from the Seer skin, more legendary and epic tier skins are apparently in the works for the Raiders collection event.

image via garret

Raiders collection event release date

The Xbox store has accidentally revealed the release date of the upcoming Raiders collection event. The storefront says the next event which is rumored to be the Raiders collection event will arrive on December 7th, 2021.

Although these are leaked dates, so take them with a grain of salt. That being said, the Xbox storefront has a long history of revealing new event-related dates way before the official announcement from Respawn. So, there is a high possibility for the next collection event featuring Wattson’s heirloom to arrive on that date.

Additionally, the new event will arrive with some much-needed balancing updates to Wattson, Bocek Bow, and the new tropical map Storm Point.

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