Apex Legends mobile is getting a far superior Apex pack opening system than the base game

The mobile port of Apex Legends is already receiving quality-of-life updates that the base game currently lacks.

Respawn Entertainment, the developers behind the popular battle royale game Apex Legends revealed that they were working on a mobile port for the game following the official release of the base game.

Recently Respawn give players beta access to only a few regions around the world to stress test their mobile version of the game. The mobile version is reportedly being developed by Tencent the same developers behind other successful mobile ports like PUBG mobile, Garena Free Fire, COD mobile, & more.

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However, sources say Respawn is in constant touch with the mobile development team to ensure that the mobile players can also enjoy the exact gameplay loop of Apex Legends on their handheld devices.

Mobile port is receving major QoL updates

The mobile port of Apex Legends is already releasing updates to the game that the players in the main game have been asking for a long time. For example, players in the base game have been asking for a better training range with unlimited ammo and more customization to the Bots. And the mobile port literally launched with these much-requested features right out of the gate.

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On top of that, improvements to the Apex pack opening system are also here in the mobile port. While in the base game, if a player purchases a lot of Apex packs, they have to open them up individually to see what’s in them.

Apex pack opening experience is getting updated

With the recent update to the mobile port, the game added an option where players can open all the unopened Apex packs in their inventories at once to get all the loot. This overhaul to the pack opening experience is far superior to the main game.

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Even though Respawn recently added the ability to add ammo in your backpack slightly faster in the main game, it still doesn’t let you play around with unlimited ammo in the training range. Hopefully, these quality-of-life improvements from the mobile game can make their way to the base game soon.

Apex mobile skins
Image via Thordan Smash

Also, the mobile port is getting exclusive cosmetic items such as skins that are not available in the base game, as of writing.

When will Apex Legends Mobile beta release?

According to data miners, expect the Apex Legends mobile beta port to hit the global market in December 2021. As this is a leak, take it with a grain of salt.

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