Apex Legends’ upcoming “Chaos Theory” collection event: everything you need to know

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: u/Wattsonmaster667

Just right on the heels of the Anniversary collection event, leaks suggest another collection event centered around Caustic and Water treatment facility is coming very soon in Apex Legends.

The trailer featuring the “Chaos Theory” collection event should arrive really soon. But before that let’s round up everything we know about this upcoming event so far. All this began when Respawn added poisonous water in the water treatment facility in the Kings Canyon map at the beginning of season 8.

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Data miners suggested that this area and the leak in the water have deep ties to Caustic. And turns out, that was the case as Respawn teased us with multiple voice lines and even a teaser before the character select screen.

As with every other collection event, this one should also feature a new heirloom. Since Bangalore is the only one out of the original eight legends that didn’t receive an heirloom, she is probably the one who has the best possibility of getting the heirloom in this upcoming event.

We already have a pretty detailed look at her heirloom since it was revealed by some pretty reliable data miners a while ago. So, it wouldn’t be that surprising if Bangalore got the next heirloom with this update.

Ring Frenzy LTM

Just like every other event in Apex Legends, this event will also feature a new limited-time game mode. According to the leaks, this new LTM will be called “Ring Frenzy”. In this LTM, apart from the normal ring, the whole map will get “consumed” by mini versions of the ring thus making it really chaotic.

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Additionally, players will also get a “gas mask” type object that will make players immune to ring damage. From the looks of it, it sounds really fun. The gas mask should allow players to breathe a little bit in midst of all the chaos.

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