Apex Legends Stories from the Outlands – “Promise” gives a glimpse into Horizon’s past

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Screen grab via Respawn

Respawn has been teasing the new character in Apex Legends allegedly called “Horizon” for some time now.

Even before all the teases that confirmed Horizon to be the next legend in the Apex Legends universe, there were already a ton of leaks that hinted Horizon to be the next legend. The recent teases in the training yard just confirmed the old rumors.

Furthermore, just like every other season, Respawn just released stories from the Outlands teaser trailer introducing this new character. And as usual, the new cinematic trailer gives players a look into Horizon’s backstory.

Stories from the Outlands – “Promise”

YouTube video

The trailer basically goes into more detail regarding Horizon’s motivation before joining the Apex games. Turns out she was a scientist who makes a journey into the edge of the universe in order to solve an energy crisis in her homeland.

She makes a promise to her son that she would come back. Unfortunately, she was betrayed by the very people she tried to protect. The cinematic trailer further showcases her eventual return from the event horizon in an Interstellar like fashion.

However, Respawn still didn’t reveal the official gameplay trailer that would usually feature gameplay. That trailer should come fairly soon as the new season is right around the corner. Stories from the Outlands – “Promise” trailer gave more info into the whole Titanfall universe.

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