Apex Legends dev allegedly bans an innocent player following a streamer complaint

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn/ LULU

A Respawn dev allegedly bans an innocent player for cheating in Apex Legends following a streamer complaint.

All this began when NRG LULU who is one of the biggest content creators in Apex Legends faced some blatant cheaters while playing ranked. From the looks of it, it also seemed like they were stream sniping at the same time since they were kicking Lulu’s death box after wiping her whole squad.

Following that LULU reached out to Respawn Conor Ford or more commonly known as Hideouts who is one of the dev at Respawn that deals with cheaters and stream snipers alike in Apex. Within a very short time, those cheaters got banned from Apex Legends.

Unfortunately, among them, one of the players was allegedly innocent. Apparently, this individual was solo queuing when he was matched up with these two cheaters. And as a result, when LULU reached out to the security personal at Respawn, they might have mistaken him for a cheater as well and banned his account.

Later u/KongoBoom claimed that he was innocent. Furthermore, he also added that in the process of banning the actual cheaters, his account might have been the victim of collateral damage.

Players get cross-fired playing ranked:

I was solo queuing [bloodhound] and I got a silver player with me and apparently he was cheating since he wiped out a full squad of the most popular streamers. When I saw that I told him “Yo trash, stop ruining the game” (You see me in the video standing-still typing…) and then I left the cheater and the other guy alone. The problem that Lulu the streamer gave the developer “Hideout” my name instead of the cheater’s name and then she relized that, then after 15 mintues I got my account banned” u/KongoBoom explained.

LULU responds:


The incident garnered a lot of attention from the Apex Legends community as a whole. A lot of members in the community showed their concerns regarding blindly banning a player for cheating without a proper investigation. In this particular case, an innocent player might have gotten his account banned following a streamer complaint. Respawn is yet to acknowledge the incident.


Respawn finally responds:

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