Apex Legends upcoming unreleased legendary skin recolors

Recolors of some of the unreleased legendary skins of Apex Legends have been revealed.

As of now, these recolors are not scheduled for release. Although based upon previous trends, there is a good chance these new recolors might hit the Apex store in the upcoming season 7 of Apex Legends.

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Shrugtal who is a pretty reliable Apex Legends data miner just revealed these unannounced skin recolors. Even though they are not stated not to be released any time soon, Apex Legends players are always ecstatic to figure out what kind of recolors they are going to get for their favorite character or weapon skins.

All the unreleased skin recolors:

“Unholy Beast” recolor:

"Unholy Beast" recolor
Image via Shrugtal

“False Idol” recolor:

"False Idol" recolor
Image via Shrugtal

“Shadow on the Sun” recolor:

"Shadow on the Sun" recolor
Image via Shrugtal

“Assassin” recolor:

"Assassin" recolor
Image via Shrugtal

“Assassin” recolor:

"Assassin" recolor
Image via Shrugtal

“Bootlegger” recolor:

"Bootlegger" recolor
Image via Shrugtal

“Gold Standard” recolor:

"Gold Standard" recolor
Image via Shrugtal

“The Devi You Know” recolor:

"The Devi You Know" recolor
Image via Shrugtal

“Premium Finish” recolor:

"Premium Finish" recolor
Image via Shrugtal

Apex Legends season 7 battle pass skin Wraith:

season 7 battle pass skin wraith
Image via Shrugtal

Right now these skins are not confirmed by Respawn to be released any time soon. They are found in the game files. Therefore, there is still a good chance that Respawn might release some of them with future updates.


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