Apex Legends new patch adds the ability to deny all incoming friend invites

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Respawn enabled cross-play beta with the launch of the aftermarket collection event in Apex Legends.

With the new update, players from different platforms became eligible to send a friend requests to each other. Unfortunately, there was no option for players in the settings menu to turn off all the incoming friend invites including the ones in your queue. As a result, it was quite annoying for players to deal with unwanted invites while in a match.

Seems like Respawn finally came up with a quick fix to this particular issue. Respawn just pushed out a small patch today that addressed the friend invite issue. From now on players will be able to toggle on or off the ability to deny all incoming friend invites.

Apex Legends friend invite deny
Image via millenium

Respawn adds the option to deny friends invites:

The patch is quite small and as of now, there is still no mention of fixes to some of the major problems like audio, Pathfinder, etc. Some players in the Apex Legends community are still complaining about the missing footstep audio in the game.

Although most players agree that this is a great change. However, most also agree Respawn has a lot of stability issues surrounding the game. And Respawn needs to patch out some of the major issues as soon as possible.

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