Apex Legends security department starts the new year with 20 hardware bans

Work at the security department of Respawn Entertainment never really stops since Apex Legends a free-to-play online multiplayer game.

Cheaters, abusers, and exploiters cause havoc in the servers. That also includes the ranked matchmaking in Apex Legends. Unsurprisingly, repeated offenders usually get permanent hardware id bans.

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Hideouts, who is the security personal at Respawn, recently took a short break to avoid burnout and now came back in full swing with over 221 bans from which 20 of them were apparently hardware id bans.

Starting the year with more bans

While every new year’s wishes start with some new year resolution, Apex Legends started the new year with a new ban wave. Cheating in an online free-to-play video game will always be ongoing as exploiters usually find a workaround.

That is where manual intervention comes in real handy. If any cheater somehow manages to avoid the built-in anti-cheat system, manual intervention coupled with a thorough overview becomes essential for most online games.

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Additionally, the new Fight Night Event is also right around the corner. With this mid-season update, Respawn didn’t make any meta shifting changes. Instead, they opted to include a slight powerup for certain legends. The event is supposed to go live on January 5th,2021.

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