Apex Legends dev confirms in-game damage tracker is coming with season 8

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: u/A Wraith God/ Respawn

Right now, there is no way for players to keep track of the exact damage inflicted in a match until they die but seems like that may soon change with season 8 of Apex Legends.

There are 4 different badges related to how much damage a player dealt in a match. Understandably, the last one is really hard to get as getting over 4000 damage in a single match can be incredibly difficult since in many instances most squads die within the first 2 minutes.

2k damage badge Apex
Image via Respawn

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As there is no in-game damage tracker, most of the time players have no clue how much damage they have inflicted during a match in real-time. The community has been asking for a damage tracker in the game besides the kill count tracker for a long time now. And seems like Respawn finally heard the call.

Damage tracker in Apex Legends

One really desperate fan reached out to Jason McCord who is the Design Director at Respawn regarding if they would ever include a damage tracker in the game. In reply, Jason first claimed this should be available with the mid-season update that should go live within two weeks.

But later he corrected himself and explained this will not make it to the next patch that is supposed to arrive alongside the “Fight Night” event. However, he concludes this feature should be available to the players within season 8.

So far, we know the most anticipated limited-time game mode “Fight Night” will arrive fairly soon. Based on the previous mid-season update, this one should also include some major meta changing balancing updates.

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We will update you with more information regarding all the changes related to the new event as soon as Respawn officially reveals it.

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