Apex Legends Season 9 Legacy Ranked Rewards

With each new season in Apex Legends, Respawn usually rewards players for taking part in the competitive portion of the game.

Basically, these seasonal ranked specific rewards include gun charms, skydiving trails, etc. Also, these rewards are always exclusive to each new season. That means after the ranked season ends, these rewards will no longer be available similar to cosmetic items from the battle pass.

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A pretty reliable Apex Legends data miner has already revealed some part of the rewards that players are going to receive for competing in ranked. The rewards will include free gun charms specific to players ranging from Platinum to Predator rank.

Apex season 9 ranked rewards:

The skydiving trails variants for season 9 have not been revealed, as of writing. We’ll include that as soon as it is officially announced. The community reaction to these gun charms has been quite divisive since many players think it doesn’t really provide that much value aside from the skydiving emotes.

Sky diving emotes are especially sought after by dedicated ranked junkies as they can be equipped to show off a player’s highest rank in the previous season. Nevertheless, Respawn is clearly trying to give players a reason to climb the ranked ladder.

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As the Arenas game mode is also confirmed to be getting a dedicated ranked variant very soon, Respawn might start to include more ranked rewards in the upcoming seasons.

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