Apex Legends season 8: Gibraltar edition skin, future Prime Gaming skins, recolors, and more

A pretty reliable data miner in the Apex Legends data mining community has revealed a lot of upcoming skins that may launch fairly soon.

As with each new character launch, Respawn sometimes love to include a starter pack skin bundle themed after that legend. And this time Fuse is getting the starter pack treatment. Also, future prime gaming skins for season 8 of Apex Legends have also been revealed ahead of time.

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Alongside all the starter and Prime Gaming edition cosmetic items, Gibraltar and Mirage are also getting their own edition skins. As of writing, only the Gibraltar edition has been data-mined. So, we are going to update you with more information about the Mirage edition soon.

Additionally, Fuse is also getting some amusing recolors. And the new lever-action weapon called the ’30-30 Repeater’ is also getting some unique recolors.

Gibraltar edition skin

This skin is stated to be released on February 16th.

Gibraltar Edition: “King of the Sea”

Gibraltar Edition: "King of the Sea"
Image via Shrugtal

“Terror of the Deep” Devotion

"Terror of the Deep"
Image via Shrugtal

“Making Waves” Badge

"Making Waves" Badge
Image via Shrugtal

Upcoming Prime Gaming skins:

Octane: “Adrenaline Affliction” skin

Octane: "Adrenaline Affliction" skin
Image via Shrugtal

Fuse “Freedom Fighter” skin

Fuse "Freedom Fighter" skin
Image via Shrugtal

This new freedom fighter Fuse skin is stated to drop in February. Anyone with the Prime Gaming Subscription will be eligible for this skin.

Starter Pack Fuse Skin: “Ring Master” Fuse

Upcoming skin recolors in season 8

30-30 Repeater recolors

Fuse recolors

Rare Horizon skin

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