Apex Legends producer responds to the heirloom recolor concepts

An extra layer of customization would be nice

Heirlooms are definitely at the top of every Apex Legends fan’s wish list as they are the rarest items in the game.

The chance of a player getting the heirlooms in an Apex pack is even less than 1%. As a result, they are the most luxurious entity in the whole Apex Legends universe. In short, Heirlooms are a character-specific melee weapon for each legend in the game.

Apex Legends Heirloom customization
Image via Respawn

The addition of these heirlooms gives each player an extra incentive to either grind the game a little bit more or pay for some Apex coins in order to get these exclusive melee weapons. Even though players can get the heirlooms in a collection event, the total price of the heirloom is still quite expensive.

Apex Legends producer responds:

A pro Apex legends player shared some concepts for the recolors of the heirloom in the game. Following this, the producer on Apex Legends responded to the concepts and asked if players want these customizations to be of heirloom tier. Therefore, there is a good chance that in the future Respawn might introduce some sort of extra layer of customization for these heirlooms.

Furthermore, the addition of more customization will definitely be a welcome change for Apex Legends. Respawn already offers recolors of the legendary skins in the game. However, they still do not have any options to customize the heirlooms and their colors in the game. What you get is what you are stuck with right now.

Additionally, some players in the Apex community want Respawn to add more color customization options to be available for all the heirlooms in the game along with some recolors to some character-specific abilities to finally spice things up.


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