Apex Legends players want grenades to not account for the Fortified perk in the game

Players think Fortified perk gives an unfair advantage

Back in 2019, when Apex Legends first came to the market players quickly realized there are some major hitbox issues in the game.

Since Respawn wanted each legend to feel and look completely different from each other, they gave some characters like Gibraltar a massive hitbox while characters like Wraith had a very tiny hitbox. As players realized there is an advantage if they choose to only play as characters with small stature, they completely started to avoid characters with big hitboxes such as Gibraltar, pathfinder, and Caustic.

Fortified perk Apex legends unfair
Image via Respawn

To solve this issue, Respawn introduced two additional perks to some characters in the game. One of them was “low profile” which was given to legends with smaller hitboxes that made them more susceptible to incoming damage. At the same time, they gave characters with large hitboxes the “fortified” perk that lets them absorb more incoming damage.

Players want Fortified perk to not cover for damages inflicted by grenades:

In the process of making Fortified characters more balanced, Respawn made it so that those characters won’t get knocked while taking the full force of a grenade into their face. Now players are suggesting Respawn to make some subtle tweaks so that grenades should not account for either fortified or low profile as they think it has nothing to do with hitboxes.

Additionally, the fortified characters not getting knocked while taking the full force of a grenade just gives them an unfair advantage over every other legend in the game. Players are now asking Respawn to make some slight tweaks in order to make the situation more evenly balanced for all the legends in the game.


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