Apex Legends players urge Respawn to fine AFkers with legend tokens, a dev responds

Leavers or AFkers are unhealthy for any multiplayer game such as Apex Legends.

While the ranked game mode has strict punishment for leavers, the new Arenas game mode and the normal battle royale mode have no similar rules set in stone to disincentivize players from leaving a match.

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One fan made a concept where a player can abandon their teammates and leave in the middle of the combat, but it will cost them legend tokens. Since many players have complained in the past regarding the poor usability of the legend tokens, this punishment could really come in handy.

Fine for leaving a match

This could be a somewhat viable solution. However, according to a Respawn dev, this sounds like a “pay to lose” scenario.

Can an Honor System save Arenas?

Another solution to perfectly deal with leavers in the new Arenas game mode is to add some sort of honor system. This is fairly common in most multiplayer games as it incentivizes players to not leave during matches.

Basically, frequent leavers will be queued against other repeated offenders. This is similar to what Respawn has done in the past with cheaters as they made them queue against other cheaters.

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And if the player stays during the entire match, their honor score will be improved. As a result, they will be no longer queuing with other AFKers. Since Respawn is already working on a ranked Arenas game mode, this system might be added to the game in one form or another in future updates.

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