Apex Legends players beg Respawn to nerf the overpowered Rampage LMG

A lot of players in the Apex Legends community are calling for a nerf to the Rampage LMG.

Apex Legends made its official debut in the competitive battle royale market back in 2019 without any prior marketing. Respawn’s world-class first-person shooter mechanics paired with unique character abilities helped this title stand out from the crowd.

It also helped that the game featured a pretty comprehensive collection of weapons ranging from SMGs to Sniper rifles. And over the years, Respawn has added more weapons to the loot pool to spice things up for players.

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Among these new weapons, the Rampage LMG has been really divisive among the player base as many considered it to be blatantly overpowered. Like every other new weapon that was added to the game following its initial launch, Rampage LMG has a unique gimmick that makes it stand out from its contemporaries.

Is charged-up Rampage overpowered?

The base damage of this LMG is really high compared to any other weapon in the game. And Respawn balanced it by giving it a really slow firing rate. However, Rampage can be equipped with a thermite grenade to drastically increase its firing rate.

Rampage LMG Nerf
Image via Respawn

In short, using a thermite grenade this LMG can cause havoc in the Apex games until the effect of the thermite runs out. Now, players are claiming that charged-up Rampage is just too unfair. As such, players are begging Respawn to make some balancing updates targeted towards this LMG.

Even though some players are arguing for a nerf, many still think it is mostly balanced as players have to find and attach a thermite grenade to enable its ultimate form for a limited period of time. As of writing, Respawn has not mentioned anything about a possible nerf to this LMG.

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