Apex Legends player turns Crypto’s drone into a short-range guided missile

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Respawn introduced Crypto in season 3 of Apex Legends as the new recon class character.

According to Respawn, Crypto is a hacker and an encryption expert who uses his drone to spy on his opponents in the Apex arena. All of his abilities are centered around his drone and being really sneaky. Crypto would spy on his enemies and pull up on them whenever he sees an advantage.

Furthermore, Crypto’s drone can be operated freely in two different flight modes to keep constant track of everyone in the arena. An Apex Legends player turned his flying drone into a short-range guided missile using an arc star.

Crypto Drone guided missile:

While Crypto’s drone can already use EMP to take two bar off the enemy’s shields, this new trick will allow savvy Crypto players to literally decimate their opponents. Arc stars are slightly different than other throwables as they can be stuck to their targets if aimed properly. As a result, unless a player is playing as a wraith there is no chance for them to recover after getting hit by an arc star.

Basically, this player stuck his own drone with an arc star and then went into the piloting mode to guide this time bomb towards his opponents. Even though this is not the first time arc star was used in a similar manner to create more aggressive gameplay opportunities, it has never been done before using Crypto’s drone.

However, if the player accidentally stuck himself in the process instead of the drone, there is a good chance that this individual will go down without even putting a fair fight. So, being really careful while executing this trick is highly recommended.

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