Apex Legends player creates the most realistic looking Peacekeeper replica yet

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Peacekeeper is one of the most iconic shotgun in Apex Legends. Very few guns in this game have received this much love from the community.

The Apex Legends community loved the Peacekeeper as it was one of the most powerful and effective guns in close-quarter scenarios. Since most of the duels in this game happens in close to medium range, peacekeeper is a great choice for players who are looking to get close and personal with their opponents.

Peacekeeper mod Apex Legends
Image via Gamer Tweak

Ever since then Peacekeeper received many balancing updates. Right now in season 6, the only way a player can get their hands on this weapon is through the care package drop. An Apex Legends player decided to recreate this gun in real life using his modding skills.

Peacekeeper in real life:

Basically, this modder used his modding skills to create the most realistic looking replica of the Peacekeeper yet. Using mostly wood and some LED lights, he gave peacekeeper its iconic glowing blue highlight.

Many modders have tried their hands on creating weapons mods similar to this one in the past. Although the attention to the details on this one made it stand apart from the rest. Additionally, this replica even has a unique reloading mechanic similar to how it actually works in the game.

Furthermore, the coloring work also deserves to be praised. A lot of hours have been spent on creating such a beautiful piece of art. And it also deserves all the attention that it is getting right now.

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