A player mixes Apex Legends, Left 4 Dead, Fall Guys, Among Us, and Minecraft to create this goofy hybrid game

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image via Loudwindow

Since most of the people around the world are still in quarantine, video games have become more popular than ever to help us pass time.

At the same time, games like Fall Guys and Among us just came out of nowhere and started to dominate the video games industry. The massive spike in player count in those titles has made it clear that video games are now the medium for entertainment for most people.

A player Loudwindow decided to take elements from all the popular video game titles and make a weird hybrid game that would definitely make players confused. No matter if you are a Minecraft veteran or an Among Us aficionado, this game has something for everyone.

Left 4 Apexcraft: Fall Among Us

Basically, this player used the power of mods in Left 4 Dead to create this goofy looking hybrid game. If you ever wondered what characters from Apex Legends would look and feel like in a Left 4 Dead universe then you are definitely in for a treat.

Somehow this player managed to mix aspects of multiple different video games into one short clip. And the staller voice work really complimented the overall theme of the clip. With everything that is going on around the world right now, maybe players do need a little bit of “Left 4 Apexcraft: Fall Among Us” in their life.

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