Apex Legends might be nearing its end as Respawn keeps ignoring what community wants

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Apex Legends might be in its worst state in 5 years. And the community is not happy at all.

Apex Legends is unquestionably among the greatest multiplayer games ever made. The perfectly implemented hero-shooter genre into the battle royale environment has made the game win many awards.

However, no matter how good the game is, the lack of communication between the developers and the community has forced many players to quit the game in the past 5 years. And recently, things have gotten worse, leaving a negative impact on the player base as a whole.

Due to the massive changes in Season 16, Apex Legends received a huge gain in player base. Sadly, even though we got five whole seasons following that, the number of players has not grown at all. The player base has actually dropped significantly. The number of average daily gamers on Apex dropped to 139.7k in the past month, the lowest level in 29 months. Furthermore, there is no indication that things will get better in the following days.

Apex Legends player count June 2024

The lack of content, unreliable servers, and rampant cheater issues are some of the major reasons why Apex has been experiencing such a low player count for more than two years. The players are already upset that instead of fixing the game, Apex only releases cosmetics that do nothing else to improve the gameplay experience.

Now, Respawn has rubbed salt into the wound by introducing the uncalled-for overhaul to the Battle Pass that forces players to spend 20 USD every season to buy the battle passes. With that, the players will lose motivation to keep grinding the battle pass because, no matter whether you complete it or not, you have to spend 10 USD and purchase the battle pass in the next split.

The latest changes that no one requested sparked massive dissatisfaction against both Respawn and EA. The inevitable end of Apex Legends might not be far off if this keeps up. The community may overlook the changes with the battle pass changes. But why would the community continue to support Apex Legends if Respawn does not offer new content and improve the existing gameplay experience?

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