Apex Legends Season 22 overhauls Battle Pass system but removes the option to buy it with Apex Coins

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Credit: EA

An overhaul will take place to Apex Legends Battle Pass in Season 22. Most changes remain positive except for one.

A little less than one month is left before Season 22 goes live, and Apex Legends has dropped the biggest news regarding the upcoming Battle Pass changes that many may or may not like.

Apex Legends Season 22 overhauls Battle Pass system, but removes the option to buy it with Apex Coins
credit: ea

In Season 22, there will be 2 Battle Passes available for purchase. The first one will be available in the first split, and the second BP will be available in the following split. As it will be almost impossible to complete 110 levels in a single split, Respawn has decreased the max level to 60 per split. Frequently unused rewards in the Battle Pass are also removed.

The major issue that will make many of you unhappy is that you cannot buy a new Battle Pass using Apex Coins anymore. This means you have to spend $9.99 USD to purchase every single Battle Pass from now on. Although you still get 1300 AC from a single Battle Pass, you’ll have to use it for something other than purchasing a Battle Pass.

Most of the other changes, apart from the fact that you need to purchase a Battle Pass using real money, seem to be positive.

Here are the key Battle Pass changes that you should know about:

  • Levels decreased from 110 to 60 per Battle Pass.
  • 2 Battle Passes instead of 1 during a season. 1 Battle Pass in 1 split.
  • The option to purchase a Battle Pass using Apex Coins has been removed.
  • Premium Bundle has been revamped into Premium+. Premium+ costs $19.99.
  • Frequently unused rewards have been removed.
  • 2600 Apex Coins can be earned by completing both Premium Battle Passes in a single season. 400 AC can be earned from free Battle Passes.
  • Premium BP Apex packs increased: from 14 to 17 + 3 Legend thematic packs per Battle Pass.
  • Premium BP Crafting Materials increased: from 1200 to 2400 per Battle Pass.

More changes are included in the newly revamped Battle Pass. What do you think about the new changes? Will players welcome them, or will Respawn need to face backlash for it?

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