Apex Legends Legacy Pack Rewards: Free Apex Coins, Valkyrie “Turquoise Sun” Skin, Apex Packs, & More

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Apex Legends’ upcoming season called “Legacy” is already shaping up to be the biggest update to the game since its launch back in 2019.

In each new season, players usually receive some free rewards for just playing the game like some free Apex packs, win trackers for each legend, and more. For the first time ever, players are also going to receive some free Apex coins.

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Apex coins are the premium currency in the game. And it can be used to purchase in-game items like the battle pass, skins, legends, and Apex packs. As Respawn is actually giving away free Apex coins, players should be able to buy the battle pass without spending a dime on the game provided if they continue in this manner for the upcoming season of Apex Legends.

Image via Respawn

Apex Legacy Pack Free Rewards:

  • Valkyrie Character Skin
  • 7 Apex Packs
  • 12 Weapon Skins
  • Win Trackers
  • Music Pack
  • 300 Apex Coins

The official EA website indicates players are going to receive 600 Apex Coins, but that was just a typo. Players are actually going to receive 300 Apex Coins which was later confirmed by Ryan K. Rigney, Director of Communication at Respawn. Later, they removed the original article momentarily to remove any further confusion.

It isn’t fairly uncommon for other games in the same genre to give away free premium currency as it encourages players to earn free rewards from playing the game. It also positively impacts the overall player count.

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The highly anticipated Legacy update is just right around the corner and it should open a new chapter in the whole Titanfall universe.

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