Apex Legends latest LTM “Flashpoint” aims to bring team deathmatch experience to the game

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Respawn just announced the latest aftermarket skin collection event in Apex Legends where Caustic will finally get his heirloom on October 6th.

Like every other collection event, Respawn also added a new LTM(limited-time mode) that will try to give Apex Legends players a team deathmatch experience. Basically, in Flashpoint there will be flashpoints scattered throughout the whole map where players can heal their health and shields at the same time.

However, in this LTM, healing items will not spawn on the maps. Instead, players will have to either get into these flashpoint bubbles for getting some heals or crafting some healing items via the replicators. And the final zones will always end on one of these flashpoints.

Flashpoint LTM official announcement:

Respawn hopes this new LTM will fundamentally change how Apex Legends players view the game. Since many players in the community wanted some sort of team deathmatch mode for a long time now, Respawn will finally deliver something similar in this flashpoint LTM.

The centerpiece of this mode are Flash Points, massive zones dotted around towns in Kings Canyon. Flash Points are special because they regenerate your health and shields overtime to get you healed and ready for combat in a flash ( ba dum-tss ). Learn where these are quickly because healing items do not spawn in this mode – Flashpoints are crucial to helping you stay alive“, Mark Yampolsky, Systems Designer on how the LTM will work.

Additionally, the circles in this game mode will mimic Always Be Closing game mode rules. So expect to see some crazy multi squad battles in these small points. From what we can see this game mode will definitely attract players who love to play a more aggressive style of Apex Legends.

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