Apex Legends aftermarket collection event finally reveals Caustic’s heirloom

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Apex Legends data miner already leaked Caustic’s heirloom a while back. And the new aftermarket collection event just confirmed all the leaks.

As it turns out, Caustic’s heirloom is in fact a freaking sledgehammer. Respawn definitely deserves some props as their choice of heirlooms for each individual Legends in this game is just excellent. And appropriately there is also a skull at the back of Caustic’s heirloom.

Caustic heirloom officially announced
Image via screenrant

Furthermore, this skull exactly mimics Caustic’s face. And it actually goes quite well with Caustic as a character. Since he is a mad scientist at the end of the day, it just makes a lot of sense that Caustic would have a literal sledgehammer as his heirloom.

Caustic’s heirloom first look:

Additionally, the aftermarket collection event trailer also showcased some extra animations on the heirloom. And it appears to have some sort of smoking effect, especially on the skull. As a result, it gives the melee weapon some bonus style points.

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As always players can get this heirloom via purchasing all the 24 aftermarket event-exclusive skins. Or they can gamble with buying event-exclusive Apex pack one at a time to try their luck. Like all the previous heirlooms, they are the most premium cosmetic items in the game. As a result, they also ask for a premium price.

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