“Apex Legends is Steadily Losing its Player base and It Will Only Get Worse”, ImperialHal

Since last month, Apex Legends has been losing quite some players without a sign of gaining new ones. And ImperialHal thinks it will only get worse.

Respawn released Apex Legends in 2019. Despite no prior announcement or promotion, the game attracted many players to experience a new kind of battle royale. Apex Legends mixed fast-paced battle royale gameplay with hero-based abilities, which seemed to be the game’s initial selling point.

However, as people started playing the game, they realized that it offered more than mere battle-royale gameplay and hero-shooter experience. Apex Legend introduced so many new and cool features with the ever-changing universe that immediately blew people’s minds.

As a result, Apex Legends gained more than 130 million total players since its launch. Although there have been some rough phases, the game managed to retain its original player base without an issue. However, things are not the same anymore. Apex Legends is constantly losing its player base without a sign of stopping.

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Apex Legends is Steadily Losing its Players

The last few seasons were phenomenal for Apex Legends player-base-wise. The game kept breaking its old records for the peak active and average players, and the previous peak active players were set to 510,286 at the beginning of Season 14.

However, as the Season came close to an ending, the player base declined rapidly. The Season 15 peak player count decreased by more than 20 percent and is still going downhill.

TSM_ImperialHal thinks it is a very bad sign for both Apex Legends and Respawn. He addresses Respawn in his recent tweet and says, “we are already steadily losing players and this is just the beginning of a 70ish ranked split it will only get worse once the honeymoon phase goes away. When will Respawn accept the issues and abuse the opportunity they have with Apex?”

The current state of Apex Legends is unappealing to the older and newer player base. On top of that, players are constantly facing freezing and crashing issues that are yet to be resolved. Apart from the Broken Moon map, there has been no apparent change to the game in Season 15.

On top of that, recently released multiplayer games like Overwatch 2 and Modern Warfare 2 are giving players more options to switch. So, if Apex Legends wants to retain its player base, it might take more than just releasing new seasons to keep Apex Legends alive.

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