Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event Weapon Updates: Spitfire Nerf, 30-30 Repeater Buff, & More

Apex Legends’ upcoming Genesis collection event will feature Revenant’s heirloom, massive legend changes, original versions of Kings Canyon, and World’s Edge map.

Aside from all the character-related and quality of life changes, some weapons in the game also received a slight tuning. Following many complaints from the community regarding the effectiveness of the Spitfire, Respawn finally listened and added another nerf to its hip fire.

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The Spitfire has been a hotly debated topic among the Apex Legends player base. Following recent tweaks, this weapon became a monster as it can output massive damage via a single magazine.

Even though this small hip fire spread might not stop the Spitfire meta altogether, it is still a step in the right direction from Respawn.

Aside from the Spitfire, weapons like P2020, 30-30 Repeater, Longbow received some slight buffs. However, the significant changes are actually coming to the Arenas game mode with big changes to the overall weapon economy.

Genesis Event Weapons Balance Updates


  • Increased Fire Rate from 6.25 -> 7.0 
  • Increased Base Ammo from 12 -> 14
  • Increased Lvl 1 Mag from 14 -> 16
  • Increased Lvl 2 Mag from 16 -> 18
  • Increased Lvl 3 and Lvl 4 Mag from 18 -> 21


  • Increased Hip Fire spread

Dev Note: The Spitfire has continued to over perform so we’re hitting it’s close range hip fire accuracy which should help bring it in line.

30-30 Repeater

  • Slightly increased projectile speed
  • Reduced charge time from 0.5s -> 0.35s


  • Damage increased from 55 -> 60

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