Apex Legends Fight Night: Respawn reverts back Caustic buff over ‘concerning’ patterns

In the original patch note for Apex Legends’ new collection event called ‘Fight Night’, Respawn revealed that they were going to give Caustic another set of buffs.

According to the original patch, Caustic still had a long way to go in terms of power. And Respawn at that time felt like Caustic needs to be more potent. In order to make sure Caustic can reach his full potential, Respawn reduced the cooldown for his NOX gas from 25 seconds to 20 seconds.

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After many complaints from the community and taking another look at all the data, Respawn later decided to roll back the buff as it turns out the current pick rate and win rate of Caustic in all levels of competition is rising in unison.

Caustic fight Night buff reverted
Image via Respawn

Caustic buff reverted

Turns out, this buff for Caustic was made before the holiday break when Caustic players were still not the top dog in the lobby. Since then a lot has changed with his pick and win rate. After taking a second look at all the relevant metrics alongside feedback from the community itself, Respawn decided Caustic might not actually need this buff anymore.

The news definitely came as a sigh of relief as for the last couple of weeks players have been getting absolutely demolished by Caustic players. Respawn will also be making some changes to the actual size of the Ring to avoid Caustic ultimate at the end zones.

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If we combine two of these changes together, instead of getting a buff, Caustic is actually getting a partial nerf with these Ring related updates. Now it will be somewhat more challenging to suffocate your opponents in the end zone as a Caustic player.

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