Apex Legends Dark Depths Thematic Event: Skins, Price, Release Date, & More

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Respawn has revealed the upcoming thematic event called “Dark Depths,” which will feature skins based on folklore.

As Apex Legends is a live-service title with an ever-evolving world, Respawn releases events regularly to spice things up for players. Usually, these events introduce new cosmetic items and Heirlooms to the game.

Among these events, Thematic events such as this one mainly feature exclusive skins. We finally have more information about the previously leaked Folklore thematic event, which turned out to be just a codename for the upcoming Dark Depths event.

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Dark Depths Flash Events

Flash events during Dark Depths are essentially individual prize tracks per week. So each week, there will be a new set of unique prizes + 1 unique badge players can earn by completing challenges. Here’s a look at some of the rewards that will be available each week.

Apex Dark Depths Event
Image via Respawn

January 11 to January 18 

  • Key prizes include Apex Packs, Epic Holospray, and Load Screen.

January 18 to January 25

  • Key prizes include Apex Pack, Valkyrie Epic Holospray, and 1 Dark Depths Pack.

January 25 to February 1 

  • Key prizes include Epic Revenant Holospray, Epic Alternator Skin, and Epic Revenant Skin.

New Arenas Map: Habitat

There will be a new Arenas map called Habitat that is based in Storm Point.

Dark Depths Event Store

The Dark Depths event will have Dark Depths-themed Apex packs. Similar to past Thematic Apex Packs, expect to pay around 400 Apex coins for each of these loot boxes.

Dark Depths Pack

Apex Dark Depths Event store
Image via Respawn

Dark Depths Event Skins

It looks like a thematic event so far based on the leaks. In the Dark Depths event, Respawn will add eight new legendary skins for both characters as well as weapons.

Broseidon Fuse

Broseidon Fuse
Image via Shrugtal

Overfloater Horizon

Overfloater Horizon
Image via Shrugtal

My Wave Lifeline

My Wave Lifeline
Image via Shrugtal

Denizen of the Deep Ash

Denizen of the Deep Ash
Image via Shrugtal

Aside from these skins, there are four more legendary skins that may arrive with this event. These are:

  • Barnacle Buster R-301 Skin
  • Inked and Infused C.A.R SMG Skin
  • Sea Stalker Spitfire Skin
  • Sirens Song R99 Skin

Dark Depths Event Skin Price

Each event pack will cost around 400 Apex coins, which equates to around $4 based on previous thematic event packs.

Dark Depths Event Release Date:

According to Respawn, this Dark Depths thematic event will arrive in the game on January 11, 2022.

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