Apex Legends Year 2 Anniversary Collection Event: Skins, Free Heirloom, & More

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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To say that players are eagerly waiting for this Anniversary Collection Event to arrive in Apex Legends would be a huge understatement.

A pretty prominent data miner in Apex Legends first hinted towards this collection event back in January when the Fight Night event first dropped. The main goal of this anniversary update might be to give long-term Apex Legends players a chance to get an heirloom, according to the leaks.

Heirloom has the lowest drop rate of any cosmetic item in the game. And as a result, players hold their breath and pray every time they open an apex pack. If the leaks are correct, then this anniversary collection event won’t actually introduce any new heirlooms.

Instead, players will be able to earn two collection event packs, which might give them the chance to win an heirloom of their liking. This means players who have been waiting for the RNG gods to bless them with an heirloom can finally rest.

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Anniversary Collection Event Release Date

Anniversary Collection Event Prize Track

Anniversary Collection Event Skins

ACE Mirage: “Red Carpet”

ACE Mirage: "Red Carpet"
Image via Shrugtal

ACE Octane: “El Tigre”

ACE Octane: "El Tigre"
Image via Shrugtal

ACE Wattson: “Rocket Scientist”

ACE Wattson: "Rocket Scientist"
Image via Shrugtal

ACE Crypto “Awoken Fury”

ACE Crypto "Awoken Fury"
Image via Shrugtal

ACE Revenant: “Blood Ritual”

ACE Revenant: "Blood Ritual"
Image via Shrugtal

ACE Bloodhound: “Hunter’s Moon”

ACE Bloodhound: "Hunter's Moon"
Image via Shrugtal

ACE Gibraltar: “Golden God”

ACE Gibraltar: "Golden God"
Image via Shrugtal

ACE Caustic: “Mad King”

ACE Caustic: "Mad King"
Image via Shrugtal

ACE Bangalore: “Crimson Queen”

ACE Bangalore: "Crimson Queen"
Image via Shrugtal

ACE Wraith: “Hellcat”

ACE Wraith: "Hellcat"
Image via Shrugtal

ACE Pathfinder: “Friendly Fire”

ACE Pathfinder: "Friendly Fire"
Image via Shrugtal

ACE Lifeline: “Hell Raiser”

ACE Lifeline: "Hell Raiser"
Image via Shrugtal

ACE Loba: “Red Handed”

ACE Loba: "Red Handed"
Image via Shrugtal

ACE Lifeline: “Hot Blooded”

ACE Lifeline: "Hot Blooded"
Image via Shrugtal

ACE Wraith: “Wraith’s Wrath”

ACE Wraith: "Wraith's Wrath"
Image via Shrugtal

ACE Bangalore : “Fire with Fire”

ACE Bangalore : "Fire with Fire"
Image via Shrugtal

ACE Mirage : “Lens Flare”

ACE Mirage : "Lens Flare"
Image via Shrugtal

ACE Octane : “Burn Out”

ACE Octane : "Burn Out"
Image via Shrugtal

The anniversary collection event skins are basically a recolor of the skins that were originally released with the Iron Crown event back in 2019.

Anniversary Collection Event Trackers/Badges

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Wraith and Bangalore are stated to have event-exclusive trackers. Wraith players might have to complete all the event-related challenges. And Bangalore’s will be a login reward.

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