Apex Fan Came up with a Simple Concept for the Legend Selection Menu

How is it still not in the game?


If you ever tried to multitask while playing Apex Legends you might have come across this problem that has been plaguing the game since day one.

With all the UI and contextual improvement that Respawn brought to the FPS battle royale genre, how come they’re still isn’t any feature as of now to select two extra Legends as a backup if your main gets taken away.

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Apex fan LetKhanX came up with a color-coordinated concept for choosing two extra Legends in case yours get chosen first. This would really be a big quality of life improvement for Apex Legends.

A game such as Apex which is kind of defined by its ease of using with its contextual pinging system couldn’t figure this out really baffled a lot of fans. This is really an easy fix. People tend to “alt+tab” or sometimes don’t stare into the screens during character selection time.

Many times your main gets taken away from you and you get a random Legend whom you might not have that much experience with. This creates such an undesirable situation which can be an easy fix for Respawn.

Just like they implemented a favorite skin selection system with the previous updates. If this concept ever receives the attention it needs from Respawn it would save so much accidental Legend selection

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