All Weapons Skills Available in Dragon’s Dogma 2

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There are a multitude of weapons skills in Dragon Dogma 2 and to make the perfect build you need to learn about them. This guide aims to do that!

When it comes to builds and character customizations, Dragon’s Dogma 2 offers players a plethora of options. Your build will primarily focus on the weapon you are choosing and the gears you’re dawning. With over 50 weapon skills and more coming from Capcom, it can be quite daunting, especially if this is your first playthrough.

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Don’t worry, as in this guide, I will list all weapons skills in Dragon’s Dogma 2, their requirements, and costs. Remember, some skills can be obtained without paying any gold. So, make sure to keep an eye out for them too!

All Weapon Skills in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Here are the lists of all the weapon skills you will be able to purchase or obtain in the game:

All Fighter Weapon Skills

Blink StrikeRushes forcefully toward the target and visits a powerful blow upon them.・Rank: 1200
Airward SlashPerforms a jump while slashing diagonally upward. An effective means of assailing flying targets.・Rank: 1200
Compass SlashSpins with the blade extended, drawing a deadly circle that slices through nearby targets.・Rank: 3450
Shield BashDelivers a powerful blow with the shield that can knock targets off balance.・Rank: 1200
Shield SummonsRaps the shield loudly to attract the attention of nearby targets.・Rank: 2300
SpringboardLaunches allies into the air using the shield.・Rank: 3450
Burst StrikeAn advanced form of Blink Strike that allows the user to travel further and more swiftly before visiting a powerful blow upon foes.・Rank: 41000
Cloudward SlashAn advanced form of Airward Slash that reaches greater heights and inflicts greater harm. Also employable in mid-air.・Rank: 51300
Gouging SkewerThrusts the blade into the target’s body before raining further blows upon them. If strikes connect, the user clings to larger targets and pins down smaller targets that are flinching.・Rank: 4700
Impeccable GuardSpins nimbly on the spot, blocking attacks from every direction with the shield. Employable even while flinching. Useful for escaping dire circumstances.・Rank: 4700
Counter SlashParries a target’s attack with the shield before delivering a swift slash in return. Consumes Stamina while defending.・Rank: 61800
Perfect DefenseGuards against all manner of attacks from the front. Consumes a great deal of Stamina while defending.・Rank: 72500
Hindsight SweepAn advanced form of Hindsight Slash. Delivers more strikes when counterattacking, each of increased might.・Rank: 82500
Shield DrumAn advanced form of Shield Summons that carries further, drawing the ire of even distant targets.・Rank: 51300
Flawless GuardAn advanced form of Impeccable Guard that consumes less Stamina and has a greater effective range.・Rank: 72000
Vengeful SlashAn advanced form of Counter Slash that consumes less Stamina while defending and affords greater range when counterattacking.・Rank: 82500
Riotous FuryRains a flurry of powerful blows on the target, dealing massive damage at great to Stamina. Leaves the user vulnerable if the first strike misses.・Rank: MaisterN/A
All Fighter Weapon Skills

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All Warrior Weapon Skill

Skyward SunderJumps up and slashes upward simultaneously, swinging the blade mid-air. Can be charged prior to unleashing.・Rank: 1200
Heavenward SunderAn advanced form of Skyward Sunder, inflicting greater harm when fully charged.・Rank: 41000
Rending SweepSpins the blade with enough force to cut down foes in all directions. Can be charged prior to unleashing.・Rank: 1200
Razing SweepAn advanced form of Rending Sweep, inflicting greater harm when fully charged.・Rank: 41000
BellowShouts to draw the attention of hostile targets in the vicinity.・Rank: 1200
Goring LungeCharges forward, running targets through with the blade. Can be activated again to stab forward.・Rank: 2300
Ladder LaunchEnables the user to launch an ally into the air from their shoulders.・Rank: 2300
Surging StrikeLeaps up and plunges down the blade using the full force of the user’s weight. More powerful when used from a height.・Rank: 3450
RevivifyGives the user a second wind, curing some debilitations.・Rank: 3450
Savage LashChannels the user’s strength into a devastating charged strike.・Rank: 4700
Knoll BreakerThrusts the blade upward, delivering a solid blow that can knock targets off balance or render them unconscious. Can be charged.・Rank: 51100
Gale SlashUnleashes a series of weighty slashes, growing faster if correctly timed. Releases a powerful slash attack when swung fast enough.・Rank: N/AN/A
Ravening LungeAn advanced form of Goring Lunge, consuming less Stamina while charging forth.・Rank: N/AN/A
RoarAn advanced form of Bellow, more likely to draw the attention of foes with additional button presses.・Rank: N/AN/A
Catapult LaunchAn advanced form of Ladder Launch, flinging allies further and to greater heights.・Rank: N/AN/A
Diluvian StrikeAn advanced form of Surging Strike that inflicts greater harm.・Rank: N/AN/A
Windstorm SlashAn advanced form of Gale Slash, increasing the speed of consecutive swings when timed correctly.・Rank: N/AN/A
Mountain BreakerAn advanced form of Knoll Breaker, inflicting greater harm when fully charged.・Rank: N/AN/A
Indomitable LashAn advanced form of Savage Lash, inflicting greater harm when fully charged.・Rank: N/AN/A
Arc of MightChannels every ounce of the user’s strength into an almighty blow, consuming all of the user’s Stamina when activated.・Rank: MaisterN/A
All Warrior Weapon Skill

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All Warfare Weapon Skill

RearmamentInstantly switches to a different weapon on the user’s person, following the order set in the Equipment menu.・Rank: MaisterN/A
All Warfare Weapon Skill

All Archer Weapon Skill

Barrage ShotFires arrows rapidly, concentrating attacks on a single target. Can be used while moving.・Rank: 1200
Sweep ShotFires arrows in a wedge pattern, striking multiple targets simultaneously. Can be used while moving.・Rank: 1200
Dire ArrowFires a devastating shot that knocks down smaller targets. Arrows become more powerful with Steady Shot.・Rank: 1200
Keen SightAugments user’s vision while drawing, allowing firing on distant targets. Consumes Stamina while the bow is drawn.・Rank: 2300
Exploding ShotFires an arrow that adheres to foes or terrain, bursting when attacked or after a time. Can knock targets off balance.・Rank: 2300
Tarring ShotFires an arrow that adheres to foes or terrain, exploding after a time or if attacked, tarring the target and nearby enemies. Usable only with applicable arrows.・Rank: 3450
Cascade ShotAdvanced Sweep Shot, firing a greater number of arrows.・Rank: 41000
Torrent ShotFires multiple arrows rapidly. Rate of fire increases with consecutive shots. Prevents movement while active.・Rank: 4700
Incendiary ShotAdvanced Tarring Shot with increased arrow speed. Pierces targets directly when employed while clinging.・Rank: 61600
Drenching ShotFires an arrow that adheres to foes or terrain, exploding to drench targets and nearby enemies.・Rank: 51100
Heavenly ShotFires a powerful arrow, consuming all Stamina. Potency depends on remaining Stamina.・Rank: MaisterN/A
Lycean SightAdvanced Prescient Flare, extending orb detonation duration and increasing possible explosions.・Rank: 61600
Spiral ArrowAdvanced Whirling Arrow, appending more strikes to the barrage.・Rank: 82500
All Archer Weapon Skill

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All Magick Archer Weapon Skill

Ricochet SeekerLooses a magickal arrow that ricochets off walls, increasing in power; effective in cramped quarters.・Rank: 2300
Ricochet HunterAn advanced form of Ricochet Seeker extending the duration of the magickal arrow’s effect.・Rank: 51300
Frosthunter BoltAn advanced form of Frostseeker Bolt extending the effect’s duration.・Rank: 41000
Candescent OrbAn advanced form of Irradiant Orb extending the effect’s duration.・Rank: 41000
Sedative BoltFires a magickal bolt adding to target’s sleep value on impact, amount increases with charge time; effective with multiple bolts.・Rank: 2300
Flamefang ArrowFires a magickal arrow that explodes on impact, trajectory control possible after release.・Rank: 3450
Hailstone BoltFires a clump of ice that grows in size with charge time, delivering a solid blow to foes it strikes.・Rank: 4700
Sparkchain StakeLooses a stake imbued with magickal lightning, sparking bolts between stakes if landed near each other.・Rank: 51100
Remedy ArrowLooses an arrow blessed with magick that revives fallen pawns when fully charged; otherwise restores Health to allies.・Rank: 1200
Recovery ArrowAn advanced form of Remedy Arrow requiring less charge time.・Rank: 51300
Vimtaking ArrowLooses an arrow that saps Health from hostile targets and grants it to allied pawns, with Health recovery proportional to the number of targets hit.・Rank: 3450
Frostseeker BoltFires a bolt of magickal ice pursuing hostile targets and inflicting frostbite.・Rank: 10
Irradiant OrbFires an orb of searing flame that may cause targets to catch fire, effect duration depends on charge time.・Rank: 1200
Martyr’s BoltFires the ultimate magickal bolt at the cost of a temporary decrease to the user’s maximum Health.・Rank: MaisterN/A
All Magick Archer Weapon Skill

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All Trickster Weapon Skill

Sweeping ShroudDiffuses smoke across a broad range, attracting the attention of targets; with Effigial Incense, targets focus on the simulacrum.・Rank: 1100
Delusory ScreenConjures an illusory wall hindering movement and blocking vision; dissipates after a time.・Rank: 2300
Aromatic RallyDiffuses incense boosting offensive capabilities of allies, allowing them to fight even with depleted Health.・Rank: 3450
Espial IncenseDetaches caster’s spirit from physical form, allowing scouting of distant places undetected; consumes Stamina.・Rank: 4700
Dragon’s DelusionCreates an illusory dragon instilling fear in hostile targets, causing them to trip or flee.・Rank: MaisterN/A
All Trickster Weapon Skill

All Thief Weapon Skill

Biting WindDashes past the target with blades extended, followed by further slashes upon contact.・Rank: 1200
Enkindled BladesIgnites the daggers with flame for a short duration, usable while clinging to or pinning down a foe.・Rank: 1200
Shadow CloakBlends into surroundings, making it difficult for hostile targets to detect, consuming Stamina while active.・Rank: 1200
Helm SplitterLeaps up and dives through the air spinning with blades extended, more powerful from high places, usable mid-air.・Rank: 2300
Powder ChargePlaces an explosive on the ground to be detonated remotely, usable while clinging to or pinning down a foe.・Rank: 2300
Concussive StepUses an explosive blast to withdraw, may cause lightweight targets to flinch, usable mid-air.・Rank: 3450
EnsnareCasts out cords to snare and pull targets, toppling larger targets that are off balance.・Rank: 3450
Cutting WindAdvanced Biting Wind with extended attack range.・Rank: 41000
Ignited BladesAdvanced Enkindled Blades with longer-lasting effect, usable while clinging to or pinning down a foe.・Rank: 41000
Smoke ScreenThrows a smoke bomb to blind nearby targets, usable while clinging to or pinning down a foe, or mid-air.・Rank: 4700
Gut and RunStabs and gouges the target before drawing back, inflicts greater harm on a foe’s weak point, usable while clinging to or pinning down.・N/AN/A
Skull SplitterAdvanced Helm Splitter with faster spin and more slashes during the dive.・Rank: 51300
PilferRobs targets of items, larger targets can only be robbed while downed.・Rank: 51100
Blades of the PyreIgnites daggers in a blazing inferno, user cannot escape being burned.・Rank: MaisterN/A
Formless FeintAccelerates user’s reactions, enabling evasion of attacks from hostile targets, consumes Stamina while active.・Rank: MaisterN/A
PlunderAdvanced Pilfer with increased likelihood of stealing rare items.・Rank: 8
All Thief Weapon Skill

All Mage Weapon Skill

PalladiumConjures a cluster of magical energy that blocks up to three attacks. The cluster dissipates after a period.・Rank: 1200
Fire BoonEnchants the caster’s or an ally’s weapon with fire, persisting for a duration.・Rank: 1200
Ice BoonEnchants the caster’s or an ally’s weapon with ice, persisting for a duration.・Rank: 2300
Lightning BoonEnchants the caster’s or an ally’s weapon with lightning, persisting for a duration.・Rank: 2300
HalidomConjures a magical sigil that cures the caster and allies of certain debilitations within range.・Rank: 3450
EmpyreanConjures an orb of holy light that deals immediate damage to nearby targets.・Rank: 4700
CelerityConjures a magical sign that hastens the speed of allies within range for a duration.・Rank: 4700
Argent TonicFully and instantaneously recovers the Health of the caster or a single ally.・Rank: 51100
SolemnitySilences the target for a period, preventing speech and spellcasting.・Rank: 61800
High PalladiumAn advanced form of Palladium that lasts longer and grants clusters to nearby allies.・Rank: 41000
Celestial PaeanSummons a wave of holy light that hastens Stamina recovery and speed of allies while reducing damage taken.・Rank: MaisterN/A
Ice AffinityAn advanced form of Ice Boon that grants a longer-lasting enchantment.・Rank: 51300
Lightning AffinityAn advanced form of Lightning Boon that grants a longer-lasting enchantment.・Rank: 51300
High HalidomAn advanced form of Halidom with an extended duration and cures additional debilitations.・Rank: 61600
All Mage Weapon Skill

All Sorcerer Weapon Skill

SalamanderConjures a flame that slithers forward along the ground, dealing continuous damage to any targets it touches.・Rank: 1200
ThundermineConjures a ball of lightning that automatically unleashes crackling bolts at nearby foes.・Rank: 1200
HagolSummons a bone-chilling blizzard in the immediate vicinity, damaging and inflicting frostbite on targets.・Rank: 2300
DecanterSaps the target’s Health and grants it to the caster while maintaining the spell, requiring the caster to remain stationary.・Rank: 4700
MaelstromConjures a whirlwind that wreaks havoc on those caught in its path. Most effective in cramped spaces.・Rank: MaisterN/A
MeteoronSummons a meteor shower, dealing immense damage across a broad range. Most effective in wide-open spaces.・Rank: MaisterN/A
All Sorcerer Weapon Skill

All Mythic Spearhead Weapon Skill

Dragoun’s StabbeKicks off a magickal platform to gain momentum before delivering a forceful jab, effective against flying targets.・Rank: 10
Dragoun’s FoinAn advanced form of Dragoun’s Stabbe allowing the user to travel farther, inflicting magick damage with the forceful jab.・Rank: 41000
Seching BladeConjures magickal blades that fly at the target, usable while moving or using another attack.・Rank: 1200
Seching StormAn advanced form of Seching Blade conjuring a greater number of blades at a decreased Stamina cost.・Rank: 41000
Humble OffringeLevitates nearby objects and hurls them at the closest hostile target, can also lift and hurl smaller hostile targets that are flinching.・Rank: 2300
Devout OffringeAn advanced form of Humble Offeringe with extended range for lifting targets from further away.・Rank: 51300
Thef’s HondSaps the target’s vitality and grants it to the user in the form of Stamina, cannot be used against targets lacking a corporeal form.・Rank: 3450
Ravinour’s HondAn advanced form of Thef’s Hond hastening Stamina recovery.・Rank: 51300
Mirour VestureErects a magickal barrier around the user and allies nullifying all manner of attacks for a short duration.・Rank: 3450
Skiedragoun’s FangtoothDarts swiftly into the air before plunging down at high speed, inflicts greater harm when evading a target’s attack.・Rank: 4700
Unto SkieLaunches smaller targets great distances, forcibly removing them from battle; larger targets are struck with a solid blow.・Rank: 51100
Wild FurieUnleashes a relentless flurry of slashes and magickal attacks, consuming Stamina with additional button presses to continue the onslaught.・Rank: MaisterN/A
All Mythic Spearhead Weapon Skill

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