All Possible Romance Options in Dragon’s Dogma 2

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Love and adventure go hand in hand in Dragon’s Dogma 2. This guide will discuss all romance options in the game.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 offers you epic quests, magnificent adventures, and some sprinkle of romance here and there. Capcom went all out with the storytelling, and the sudden encounter factors are quite impressive.

They have also mixed in romance quite well as there are certain quests and puzzles that actually require you to bring romantic interests to play (eg. the Sphinx Puzzles).

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That’s why advancing your romantic journey is a good choice in Dragon’s Dogma 2. So, if you want to get started on your romantic journey, then I will discuss all romance options Dragon’s Dogma 2.

All Romanceable Characters in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Currently, there are two possible romance options in the game, and both are female NPCs. There might be male romanceable NPCs in future updates. Currently, players are able to romance the following NPCs:

  1. Wilhelmina
  2. Ulrika

How to Romance Wilhelmina

Romance Option Wilhelmina
Romance Option Wilhelmina

You will encounter Wilhelmina in Vernworth, around the Rose Chateau Borderlie. To start romancing her, you will need to initial the side quest: Every Rose Has Its Thorns. Keep in mind that the quest can only be triggered once you have finished the main story quest Feast of Deception.

How to Romance Ulrika

Romance Option Ulrika
Romance Option Ulrika

While there aren’t any canon relationships in Dragon’s Dogma 2, personally I prefer Ulrika as the main romantic interest in the game. Furthermore, not only does she have more character depth, but she is also involved in not one but three side quests before reaching a positive romantic conclusion.

You will find Ulrika in the Harve village. She is part of the Readvent of Calamity side quest, which will unlock the Trouble of the Cape quest. After finishing the quest, you will be able to build your relationship with Ulrika. If things are going well (you are giving the right gifts), then she will send you gifts which can be found in your house in Vernworth.

But to successfully romance Ulrika, you must complete the Home is Where the Hearth Is quest and reach max relationship stats.

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