Every Weapon You Can Find in Dragon’s Dogma 2

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This guide will list all the available weapons you will be able to find and use in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is Capcom’s latest AAA single-player adventure title that offers players to traverse a land of myth and magic. Your journey is full of trials and woes.

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Therefore, it’s better to be equipped with the necessary gear. Weapons are a core part of your arsenal and will determine how smooth your journey will go. That’s why, in this guide, I will list every weapon in Dragon’s Dogma 2 that you can get through merchants or quests.

So, without any delay, let’s dive into the details, shall we?

List of All Weapons in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Here is the list of weapons you will find in Dragon’s Dogma 2:

WeaponTypeStrength / MagickSlash / StrikeKnock-down
Battahli ShotelSword200/0100/0187
Dragon’s DogmaSword351/0100/0345
Iron SwordSword69/0100/0112
Silver CinquedeaSword235/0100/0212
Silver RapierSword118/0100/0120
Stalwart SwordSword280/0100/0245
Superior Trusty SwordSword89/0100/099
Trusty SwordSword55/0100/099
Vermundian BrandSword140/0100/0140
Steel UrchinHammer103/00/100236
The ExaltedMace260/1200/100100
Threaded CudgelMace240/00/100300
Dead RingerDuospear355/355100/0275
Lindworm FangDuospear430/405100/0326
Soul of AntiquityDuospear326/326100/0227
Tail TrimmerDuospear240/240100/0255
Wings AsunderDuospear288/288100/0235
Battahli ShieldShield80/00/100223
Continental ShieldShield95/00/100248
Dragon’s AegisShield186/00/100350
Dragon’s FaithShield130/00/100278
Feather-Light PeltaShield47/00/100192
Iron ShieldShield38/00/100172
Round ShieldShield29/00/100100
Shield of VernworthShield57/00/100212
Superior Round ShieldShield41/00/100100
Bespoke BowBow112/00/100128
Anchor to HeavenStaff20/1150/10051
Battahli ScepterStaff35/2630/10085
Cardinal BlazeStaff36/2530/10076
Cast StoneStaff75/2010/10080
Dragon’s NousStaff350/4300/100138
Favored CanopyStaff28/1250/10060
Frigid FingerStaff50/2700/10089
Goblin BaneStaff280/2200/100131
Ironclad StaffStaff20/800/10049
Legion’s MightStaff130/4000/100134
Solar NumenStaff45/2900/10094
Superior Wooden StaffStaff11/910/10040
Unfettered ClawStaff30/1450/10068
Volant WhiteStaff85/3450/10099
Wooden StaffStaff11/690/10040
Dragon’s BreathMagical Staff0/3500/100175
GrianmharMagical Staff0/4200/100309
Militant DoveMagical Staff0/3300/100210
SiocadhMagical Staff0/2200/100146
Bewitching BalmCenser75/1800/10050
Dragonswail LitanyCenser200/3250/10058
Redolent WhisperCenser100/2400/10050
Resonant HymnCenser125/2700/10050
Whimsical DaydreamCenser175/2900/10050
Dragon’s BlinkBow256/00/100190
Dragon’s RancorBow308/00/100248
Fluted BowBow55/00/10079
Hunter’s BowBow89/00/100102
Lupine BowBow74/00/10095
Revenant WailBow280/00/100220
Savage FangBow148/00/100150
Superior Fluted BowBow82/00/10079
Veteran’s ArcBow163/00/100150
Dead RingerMagical Bow355/355100/0275
Lindworm FangMagical Bow430/405100/0326
Soul of AntiquityMagical Bow326/326100/0227
Tail TrimmerMagical Bow240/240100/0255
Wings AsunderMagical Bow288/288100/0235
Dowsing SpikesDagger230/0100/0234
Dragon’s VeinDagger330/0100/0198
Framae BladesDagger290/0100/0184
Helmbarte DaggersDagger123/0100/0121
Signs of ValorDagger90/0100/080
Superior CriteriaDagger69/0100/069
Dragon’s BiteGreatSword380/0100/0474
Gryphic VictoryGreatSword272/0100/0279
War BladeGreatSword140/0100/0209
Wounded HeartGreatSword308/0100/0317
All Weapons in Dragon’s Dogma 2

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