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Credit: Epic Games

Every Recipe you’ll need during your adventures in LEGO Fortnite.

LEGO Fortnite takes inspiration from games such as Minecraft and Terraria. As such, crafting is an integral part of its gameplay. As you progress, you must build and craft tools, weapons, machinery, villages, etc., to survive the varied biomes of the game’s world.

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However, some of these are more useful than others and directly impact your progress. For example, you’ll need to craft and upgrade your pickaxe if you want to get some essential materials, such as Rough Ruby. Therefore, tools are necessary for progression.

This guide lists the crafting recipes of every tool in the game, as well as other essential recipes that you’ll need throughout your playthrough.

Crafting Station Recipes

Crafting Station Recipes
Credit: Epic Games

You can use Crafting Stations to make new items or process rough materials. As you progress through the game, you’ll need to build and upgrade more and more of these. Below is a list of every crafting station in the game, along with their recipes.

NameMaterials Required
Crafting Bench– 3x Wood
– 5x Granite
Lumber Mill– 8x Wood
– 15x Granite
Grill– 30x Granite
Spinning Wheel– 8x Plank
– 5x Wooden Rod
– 5x Wood
– 5x Wolf Claw
Stone Breaker– 20x Knotroot
– 35x Marble
Grain Mill– 20x Knotroot Rod
– 20x Granite Slab
– 3x Shell
Juicer– 8x Plank
– 8x Marble Slab
– 5x Knotroot Rod
Gem Cutter– 20x Marble Slab
– 5x Rough Amber
– 5x Sand Claw
– 3x Sand Shell
Loom– 19x Flexwood
– 8x Flexwood Rod
– 6x Sand Claw
Essence Table– 20x Flexwood
– 6x Cut Amber
Metal Smelter– 15x Brightcore
– 35x Obsidian Slab
– 3x Blast Core
Oven– 8x Brightcore
– 15x Copper Bar
– 35x Obsidian Slab
Crafting Station Recipes

Tool Recipes

Tool Recipes
Credit: Epic Games

Tools are necessary items required to harvest materials such as stones and wood. Thus, they directly impact your progress. Furthermore, the rarity of your tools are a direct reflection of how much you’ve progressed.

Each tool has 4 tiers of rarity:

  • Common (Level 1)
  • Uncommon (Level 2)
  • Rare (Level 3)
  • Epic (Level 4)

Below are the recipes for every tool in each tier.

NameIngredientsRequired Crafting Bench Level
Common Pickaxe– 5x WoodCrafting Bench Level 1
Uncommon Pickaxe– 3x Knotroot Rods
– 3 Bones
Crafting Bench Level 2
Rare Pickaxe– 3x Flexwood Rods
– 3x Sandclaw
Crafting Bench Level 3
Epic Pickaxe– 8x Obsidian Slabs
– 5x Frostpine Rods
Crafting Bench Level 4
Common Forest Axe– 5x Wood
– 2x Granite
Crafting Bench Level 1
Uncommon Forest Axe– 3x Bones
– 3x Wooden Rods
Crafting Bench Level 2
Rare Forest Axe– 5x Cut Ambe
– 3x Knotroot Rods
Crafting Bench Level 3
Epic Forest Axe– 3x Copper Bars
– 3x Knotroot Rods
Crafting Bench Level 4
Common Shovel– 3x Wooden Rods
– 1x Plank
Crafting Bench
Uncommon Shovel– 3x Knotroot Rods
– 1x Plank
Crafting Bench Level 2
Rare Shovel– 8x Copper BarsCrafting Bench Level 3
Epic Shovel– 8x Iron BarsCrafting Bench Level 4
Tool Recipes

Village Item Recipes

Village Item Recipes
Credit: Epic Games

These are the items that you’ll need to build and upgrade a village. Villages gives you access to more recipes and resources and the ability to recruit villagers.

Campfire– 3x Wood
Map Marker– 2x Granite
Village Square– 10x Wood
– 10x Granite
Garden Plot– 2x Soil
– 1x Fertilizer
Village item Recipes

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