How to Find Rough Ruby and Craft Cut Ruby in LEGO Fortnite

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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If you are looking for a guide on how to find rough ruby in LEGO Fortnite and how to craft cut ruby, then you are in the right place.

LEGO and Fortnite’s recent collaboration has opened up amazing new possibilities. With LEGO Fortnite’s new game mode, you can explore a vibrant block world, build tools and structures, and craft charms for good luck.

One valuable material you’ll want to collect is Ruby. Ruby makes it perfect for making stat-boosting charms. However, obtaining the rough or cut versions requires some effort.

Here’s how to find Rough Ruby deposits and refine them into Cut Ruby. It’s safe to extract Rough Ruby from treacherous lava caves if you prepare the right tools and protective gear ahead of time.

Then, back at your builder’s bench, you can cut the gemstones into more versatile crafting components. With the proper strategy, charm-crafting with Ruby will be a cinch. So bookmark this page, gear up your LEGO Fortnite, and let’s get ready to mine!

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Rough Ruby in LEGO Fortnite

How to Find Dry Valley Biome

Rough Ruby can only be found in the lava caves of the Dry Valley (desert) biome. Before heading out, make sure you set your respawn point at a bed so you don’t lose too much progress if you die. Then check your map for the desert area and mark the location of any caves you discover along the way. Lava caves are identifiable by their intense heat.

How to Find Dry Valley Biome and Lava Cave

Supplies you’ll need

Entering a fiery lava cave wearing your regular LEGO garb is a quick way to melt your Minifig’s plastic body into an unrecognizable puddle. So before approaching the caves, craft supplies to guard against heat damage:

  • Cool-Headed Charm: Creates a cooling aura, made with 3 Silk Thread, 3 Sand Shells, and 1 Marble at an upgraded Crafting Bench
  • Snowberry Shake: Drink made from 2 Snowberries and 1 Milk, using a Juicer station

How to Mine Rough Ruby

Once you’ve geared up with protections, begin navigating the winding passages of a Dry Valley lava cave.

  • Scan the stone surfaces for shiny red mineral deposits,
  • Use a Rare pickaxe or stronger to extract Rough Ruby chunks from them,
  • Collect at least 5–10 pieces of Rough Ruby before heading back out, and
  • You don’t want Cave Skeletons to bombard you with explosives in these tight spaces!
How to Mine Rough Ruby

How to Refine Cut Ruby

After securing your haul of Rough Ruby, return to your builder’s workbench area and construct a Gem Cutter if you haven’t already. You’ll need:

You need to insert each piece of Rough Ruby into the Gem Cutter to have it cut into Cut Ruby.

How to Refine Cut Ruby

How to Craft Powerful Charms

With your fresh supply of Cut Ruby, check the builder’s book for new charm recipes open to you. Two top options are:

Inner Fire Charm (Cold Protection +4 bonus hearts):

  • 3 Wool Thread
  • 5 Cut Ruby
  • 8 Brightcore
  • 3 Blast Cores

Good Luck Charm (Better rare loot finding):

  • 3 Heavy Wool Thread
  • 5 Rough Ruby
  • 5 Rough Amber
  • 5 Rough Sapphire

The red glow of Ruby charms will keep you safe and fortunate during all your block-building adventures in Fortnite! Hopefully these tips on finding the right biome, avoiding heat damage, and refining your gem haul will help you make awesome charms.

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