How to Build Monorail in LEGO Fortnite: A Step-by-Step Guide

Abu Taher Tamim
By Abu Taher Tamim
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Imagine soaring high above your LEGO Fortnite world on an elevated, high-speed monorail. Well, why don’t I show you how to build a monorail in LEGO Fortnite?

Have you ever wanted to quickly traverse your LEGO Fortnite world? If the answer is yes, building an epic monorail can help you transport between bases and biomes easily. In this guide, I’ll walk you through constructing your own fully-functional monorail step-by-step.

With materials in hand, we can lay track using Snap Mode. Before you know it, you’ll own a monorail that can transport you between points in your world.

No more hiking across mountains or traversing rivers on foot. Follow along closely, and you’ll be a monorail engineer in no time!

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Building a Monorail in LEGO Fortnite Overview

  • Gather rail building supplies
  • Choose village connection points and plan the route, avoiding mountains or hills.
  • Lay down granite foundation track and connect the villages.
  • Build a powered minecart using granite foundation and dynamic foundation.
  • Install thrusters, activation switches, and wood foundation for momentum.
  • Add chests for material transportation.
  • Collect wooden rods, torches, and blast powder for thrusters.

How to build a Monorail in LEGO Fortnite

How to build a Monorail in LEGO Fortnite

Step 1: Gather Rail Building Supplies

  • You should start by farming about 500 granite.
  • Make sure you’ve got wooden rods, torches, and blast powder.

You’ll need to smash those granite deposits and get around 500 granite foundations. We’ll use granite for our track. Additionally, you’ll need a lot of wooden rods, torches, and blast powder.

Gather Rail Building Supplies

Step 2: Choose Village Connection Points and Plan Route

  • Pick two villages as your endpoints. Here we’re connecting frost lands to grassland villages.
  • Choose a monorail route that avoids mountains or hills.

Your monorail should connect two prime village locations. I’m linking Frostyville to Green Gardens. Be sure to check out the terrain between them and plan your route. Because, you can go through hills or mountains. You’ll need a platform high enough that you can go over any obstacles.

Choose Village Connection Points and Plan Route

Step 3: Lay Down Granite Foundation Track

  • You can start the monorail with the Granite Foundation piece.
  • To set the width and maintain alignment, build three pieces side by side.
  • Let’s get rid of that middle piece so we can build a dynamic foundation.
  • Continue connecting the two villages with granite foundation pieces.
  • Add more granite foundation pieces to the monorail at the destination.
  • Don’t forget to extend the monorail’s end to make sure it stops where it’s supposed to.

It’s time to build! Put down our granite foundations three across to prepare the width of our track. Use Snap Mode to align the pieces until both villages are connected. You need to make sure there’s room to widen the track on the landing pads for our rail carts.

Lay Down Granite Foundation Track
Continue connecting the two villages with granite foundation pieces

Step 4: Build Powered Minecart

  • Make sure the yellow squares align with the monorail on both sides of the dynamic foundation.
  • You’ve got to fill in the middle section to keep it from tipping.
  • The wheels need to be attached sideways beneath the dynamic foundation.
  • You’ve got to make sure the dynamic foundation is straight and balanced.
Make sure the yellow squares align with the monorail on both sides

Let’s build the powered minecart. But, first, you need to put some granite foundation in the middle before placing the dynamic foundation. You need to do that because it will help you balance the dynamic foundation.

Now, carefully place dynamic foundations on the tracks. Align the yellow squares to keep the foundation in the middle. Then attach wheeled landing gear — we need 4 wheels underneath. Place the wheel as shown in the image.

Place the wheel like this

Step 5: Thruster and Activation Switch

  • At the end of the monorail, put a wood foundation.
  • On the wood foundation, attach a big thruster (or a small one).
  • You can test the monorail by activating the switch.

Here’s the good stuff! Install wood foundations on the front and back of the minecart. You should add thrusters facing opposite directions for momentum. Furthermore, place activation switches on minecart. Test them out! That’s how you put a powered minecart on rails!

Thruster and Activation Switch

Step 6: Reverse Direction

  • You’ll need to do the same thing on the other end to make the monorail go in reverse.
  • Destroy and replace the thruster, keeping wood foundations and activation switches on both sides.

Your powered minecraft will go in the opposite direction of the thruster. So, in order to move in the reverse direction, you just have to repeat step 5 on the other end. Also, don’t forget to destroy the previous thruster.

Reverse Direction

Step 7: Enhancements and Transporting Materials

  • Add chests to transport materials.
  • Note: The thrusters go out every 10 seconds, but you can reactivate the switch to keep moving.

If you want to use the minecart to transfer items, you should place some chests. You can also decorate these puppies with banners, paint jobs or whatever you want!

Step 8: Materials for Thrusters

  • You’ll need wooden rods (from wood) and torches for thrusters.
  • In the desert biome at night, farm blast powder from skeletons.
  • Build a village in the desert biome so you can farm blast powder efficiently.

You’ll need thruster materials in your stock. Firstly, you need wooden rods (from wood) and torches. Then, you have to use blast powder. You can farm blast powder from skeletons in the desert biome at night. I recommend building a village in the desert biome if you want to farm blast powder efficiently.

And there you have it, your very own functional monorail in LEGO Fortnite! You can now blast between villages in no time!

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