How to Get Obsidian in LEGO Fortnite Fast!

Asil Ahsan
By Asil Ahsan
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Credit: Epic Games

Wondering how to get obsidian in LEGO Fortnite? – then this guide can help!

LEGO Fortnite is the new addition to the famous shooter Fortnite, and now you can build your own villages and go on adventures with your created LEGO Fortnite characters. You will start with a single base, which you will have to upgrade to new levels by doing chores, quests, getting materials and more.

The more upgrades you get, the better and stronger your character and village will be. This game takes the standard city builder genre but adds the Fortnite twist with the implementation of LEGO. This is why it has become a fan favourite for both veteran and new players.

Whether it is a village upgrade, weapon, armor, or tools, obsidian is a necessary material for any higher-tier upgrades in LEGO Fortnite. But finding obsidian is easier said than done. This is because players (like me at first) thought we’d just stumble upon it as we explored.

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Well, no, you need to look into certain biomes and also need to have key items to be able to successfully obtain this material. And in this guide, I will share how to get obsidian without facing any issues in LEGO Fortnite.

Where to Find Obsidian in LEGO Fortnite

To obtain obsidian, you will need to go to the caves in the Deseret Biome or Dry Valley. But there are quite a handful of caves in there, and not all of them have obsidian. To ensure you are in the right cave, check if you are getting hot and if there are cactuses inside the cave.

Finding obsidian in LEGO Fortnite
Credit: Epic Games

The further you go, the hotter it will become, so you will need to have charms and consumables ready to survive. Take a visit to the frost biomes first so that you can get the necessary materials to create the protection charms and consumables.

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