All Summoner Spell Changes in League of Legends Patch 14.10

Ali Ahmed Akib
By Ali Ahmed Akib
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The mid-season patch is upon us with multiple Summoner spell changes.

Last year, Riot announced that League of Legends would divided into three splits. And since Split 1 has already ended and Split 2 is just a few days away, Riot has finally shared the big mid-season patch preview, featuring multiple new items, runes, and system changes.

Apart from all those meta-defining changes, Riot is also pushing some Summoner spell changes that might impact the meta as well.

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Barrier Changes

  • Shield: 105 – 411 >>> 120 – 480
  • Duration: 2s >>> 2.5s

Barrier has always been a niche pick for most players. Besides a few ADC champions who rely on heavy early skirmish, this spell is mostly useless in most scenarios. Or, at least not as useful as other spells. As a result, to make it somewhat viable, Riot is buffing its shield for all ranks and durations.

Cleanse Changes

  • Tenacity: 65% >>> 75%
  • Cooldown: 210s >>> 240s

Cleanse is pretty useful in certain scenarios — mostly for ADC champions and sometimes mid-lane. Whenever you see one team with heavy CC champions, you can pretty much guess that the other team’s AD will definitely have Cleanse. Cleanse also has a pretty high value in competitive League of Legends. For this, Riot is nerfing its cooldown while increasing its tenacity.

Exhaust Changes

  • Move Speed reduction: 30% >>> 40%
  • Cooldown: 210s >>> 240s

Exhaust and Cleanse pretty much have the same situation, though Exhaust has a higher pick rate. It is mostly used by Support champions and can turn a fight quite easily, which sometimes feels quite unfair. As a result, Riot is also nerfing Exhaust’s cooldown.

Ghost Changes

  • Duration: 15s >>> 13s
  • Cooldown: 210s >>> 240s

Ghost particularly gained a lot of popularity recently among mid-lane and bot-lane, especially in the pro game scene. It is very useful for kiting in the team fight and sometimes engaging as well. So, Riot is nerfing both of Ghost’s duration and cooldown in the upcoming patch.

Heal Changes

  • Ally heal range: 835 >>> 900

Compared to other spells, Heal is getting a tiny change. From the upcoming patch, players will be able to heal allies from a slightly bigger range.

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By Ali Ahmed Akib Editor-in-chief
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