All Classes of Archetypes Ranked: Remnant 2

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All Classes of Archetypes Ranked: Remnant 2

Learn about the best of the Archetypes in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 comes with an experience blended with a compelling narrative, gripping character progression, and adrenaline-pumping combat into a haunting journey.  This adventure in the post-apocalyptic realm is even bigger and more threatful than its prequel that came out 4 years ago. Here, chaos reigns supreme as you explore the intricacies of character development.

As a third-person shooter, Remnant 2 offers an intense combat experience as you will travel through multiverses from time to time. It will furthermore push your skills to the limit as you engage in various randomized fights against several hybrids and more randomized creatures. It’s more like a mixture of everything to give us the whole taste. 

As you travel through multiverses, you will need to choose the best class to carry your traits. The good news, these classes are more threatening than ever with new and unique playstyles, skills, and perks. You need to combine these to increase your survivability in this post-apocalyptic realm. And to help you with that, I am here today to let you assist on what class I think you should go for in Remnant 2. Hop in without further ado.

All Archetypes Tier List in Remnant 2

S-Tier (Best)Handler, Medic, Hunter
A-Tier (Good)Gunslinger, Engineer, Alchemist
B-Tier (Average)Summoner, Challenger
C-Tier (Okay)Explorer



Credit: Fextralife

The Handler class in Remnant 2 features a good boi companion. This good boi will provide invaluable support to you and your team. With your good boi, you can excel in various tasks, including dealing damage, assisting mates, and distracting enemies. By giving simple commands, this good boi is ready at your service.

Apart from taunting your enemies, your good boi can even create chances for a long-range attack. Moreover, it can regenerate HP for both you and your mates. The Pack Hunter and Spirit of the Wolf perks give this class an extra boost, improving the damage and movement speed.


Credit: Fextralife

A Medic emphasizes teamwork, rapid healing, and access to a top-tier arsenal. Which, in turn, makes it a must-choice for players that want to aid their mates. However, this class can excel in both solo and cooperative gameplay.

Medic has a diverse skill set, from healing ability to broad AoE revival. Furthermore, it enhances the capabilities that, in turn, boost its damage output. On top of that, this also enhances the healing effectiveness. And talking about offensive traits, you will get a machine gun with bullets enough to fight other Archetypes to be in the S rank.


Credit: Fextralife

With Hunter’s expertise in long-range combat, critical strikes, and targeting weak spots, if you want to focus on precision and team-based tactics, you will find this Archetypes the most formidable one.

In Remnant 2, this class is specially designed for you if you have a creed and are an assassin. That’s right, stealth, precise shots, and strategic foresight, are all you can get from a Hunter, just preparing for its prey. From gaining visibility to nearby enemies to boosting damage and critical hit chances, Hunter is equipped with precisive insights. You will also have the option to choose between Hunter’s Focus for deadlier precision shots or Shroud for stealthy maneuvers.

Last but not least, Hunter’s less high durability than the other S-ranks compensates with their teamwork skills, such as marking opponents. It can increase critical strike opportunities.



Credit: Fextralife

The Gunslinger is a Western firearms expert. He wholeheartedly excels in dealing damage, ammo efficiency, and rapid firing. As we have seen Hunter, prioritizing precision and planning, the Gunslinger approaches more aggressively, typically with opening fire. His arsenal of perks enhances their firearms, fire rate, ammo reserves, and reloading capabilities.

With quick drawing, Gunslinger can guarantee up to six critical hits. However, you can also trigger a single powerful shot instead of those six hits. And with the ability to transform ranged weapons into killing machines with temporary infinite ammo, Gunslinger showdowns with pure monstrosity. Furthermore, this also comes up with auto-reload. However, as it offers no survivability and healing, Gunslinger slips into the A-rank.


Credit: Legacy Gaming (Yt)

The Engineer class is more like a hidden class in Remnant 2. You need to go through multiple obstacles just to get the necessary items to activate this class. Later on, you will truly appreciate the kind of monster you have just awakened. 

Engineer is armed with a turret that continuously fires till the end of ammo and provides cover support. Moreover, the flaming grenades can wreak havoc with their fiery explosions. On top of that, the rail gun they carry boasts penetration, capable of piercing through any obstacle in its path. And with the overclocking ability,  Engineer unleashes relentless ammo of bullets. Furthermore, their damage resistance and defensive traits make them primal in all Archetypes. 


Credit: Fextralife

Alchemist stands out as the top in providing support, focusing on enhancing buffs, elevating the overall stats, and, moreover, extending the duration of the consumables. Its primary purpose revolves around providing aid to both itself and its mates. This archetype acts on faster revivals with improved personal protection.

From boosting fire rates to summoning vapor to revive teammates, an Alchemist also focuses on regenerating HP and granting temporary invulnerability for 20 seconds. With an Alchemist in your team, the team can take bold risks without immediate consequences.



Credit: Fextralife

The Summoner relies on damage-dealing minions that provide support in both solo and co-op fights. These summoned minions can distract enemies, offer to heal, and afterward, fearlessly sacrifice themselves.

However, summoning creatures can seriously deplete Summoner’s HP, though it cannot result in death. Moreover, it consumes a Relic charge that prevents checkpoint usage for healing. This can be a serious drawback that pulls our Summoner to B-Rank. 


Credit: Fextralife

Challenger is more like an encouragement. You can encourage your mates to engage in close combat using skills that provide damage bonuses for both ranged and melee attacks. However, this playstyle can be quite risky when soloing, in boss fights, or in higher difficulties.

And for that, to maximize success, you have to carefully build a strategy and preferable loadout that suits the specific needs. With that saying, Summoner is better to be on the field with Medic, Handler, or Alchemist. 



Credit: Fextralife

The Explorer heavily relies on loot acquisition, discovering items, and more materials. It excels in looting items and farming activities. That, in turn,  makes it a not-so-valuable class for those focused on farming resources. 

Even though this class serves as a utility buffer that provides increased movement speed, enhanced ammo drops, and improved item quality, Explorer lacks significant offensive or defensive capabilities. So to say, it may be more suitable as a secondary archetype for players that are focusing on finding items.

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