Albralelie Got Dropped from FaZe Apex Legends Roster Following the Failed ALGS Qualification

After FaZe’s poor performance in the ALGS Split 1 Pro League, Albralelie got dropped from FaZe’s Apex Legends roster.

Apex Legends’ competitive scene has been seeing a lot of ups and down in recent days. Many huge organizations like Cloud9, Team Liquid, and G2 have pulled out of the Apex Legends competitive scene.

This is not affecting the teams only. Many roster swaps are also surfacing here and there. FaZe’s newly formed Apex Legends roster is also facing a similar situation after the team failed to qualify for ALGS Split 1 Pro League.

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Albralelie Got Dropped from FaZe

Albralelie and Snip3down were both parts of TSM. Undoubtedly both players are well-known in the community, and they have the ability to be a part of any top-tier organizations in Apex Legends.

After returning from the HALO scene, Snip3down brought FaZe into the Apex Legends competitive scene and formed a team with Albralelie and SlurpeeG to compete in ALGS Pro League Split 1. Fans had high expectations from the newly formed FaZe as the team had both Albralelie and Snip3down, the former TSM stars.

However, as Pro League went live, things didn’t look too good for the team. Under Albralelie’s lead, FaZe struggled really hard, and they eventually failed to qualify for ALGS Split 1 Playoffs and barely positioned 20th out of 30 teams.

After displaying poor performance in the Pro League, the FaZe team mutually decided to let Albralelie go from the team. On December 27, Albralelie posted a twitlonger and shared the overall FaZe situation. According to Albralelie, the decision was made by the other Apex Legends FaZe members, and Albralelie fully supports their decision.

However, the competitive journey for Albralelie doesn’t end here. Albralelie said he would still compete in Split 2 under a pre-established team. And, this time, Albralelie promises to come back even stronger.

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