Where is Key to Room 209 (Oceanview Hotel) in Alan Wake?

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By Tanim Hasan
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Credit: Remedy Entertainment

Alan Wake 2 has different points where you need to find an item to get into somewhere. This is one of them. However, room 209 is not necessary to acess. That being said, here is how you can get the key to the room.

Alan Wake 2 returns 13 years after the previous game. In these 13 years, Alan has tried over and over again to write a story that will get him out of the dark place. This time around, we will play the story called Initiation, where he succeeds in getting himself out of the nightmare called the dark place.

While playing through initiation, you will go through different puzzles and alternate paths. Not everything in a section of the map is necessary for the players to find. There are many optional areas that reward the player for going through them.

Room 209 is a locked room you will find in Oceanview Hotel. You will hear a humming sound coming from inside the room. So, it is safe to say Sheriff Tim Breaker is inside this room. Here, we will show you where you can get the key to unlock room 209.

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Room 209 Key Location in Oceanview Hotel

Room 209 is a locked room in Oceanview Hotel. You can unlock it to find Tim Breaker inside the room. Even though the room doesn’t have any good reward, the conversation with Tim is one way you get more context of the story around this version of the dark place.

Unlocking the room 209 is not that hard either. The key can be found in a nearby room. To be more specific, the key is found in room 206. However, if you go up to room 206, you will find this room is also locked. Fortunately, there is an alternate way to get inside room 206.

Room 206 has two different entrances in the Eastern and Western hallways. The eastern hallway entrance is the one that is locked. So, all you have to do is follow the hallway and loop around the room. On the western hallway, the game actually labels the same room as room 216. This is one of the weird tricks of the dark place that tries to stop you from reaching your goal.

Credit: Remedy Entertainment

So, in the western hallway, get into room 216. This is the same room as 206. You will find the key for room 209 on the table in this room. Take the key and unlock the eastern entrance. This will unlock a shortcut to the room 209. Now, you can use the key to get into the desired room.

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