Aceu Thinks the Current Ranked is “Cringe” and Doesn’t Understand How People Enjoy It

Former pro player and popular content creator “Aceu” responds to why he doesn’t play Apex Legends Ranked anymore.

Aceu is one of the biggest content creators in Apex Legends. This former pro player switched to being a full-time streamer in April 2020. Although he became a streamer, he never lost his skills and dominated any Apex Legends server whenever he hopped into them.

Apex Legends has been losing a lot of Twitch viewership recently. Even so, Aceu remains one of the most viewed Apex Legends streamers on Twitch. Regardless, Aceu has been only streaming pubs and doesn’t enjoy playing Ranked anymore, and he has good reasons to back it up.

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Aceu’s Thoughts on Current Ranked

In Aceu’s recent Twitch stream, a viewer asked him if he played Ranked sometimes. His obvious answer was no. But he also explained why he doesn’t play Ranked.

“Ranked right now is so cringe. Literally, no one’s playing it except a bunch of f**ing randoms. You try to get in on NA server, 15-minutes queue. It’s like filled with like maybe two pred teams and they just sprinkle on all the Silver, Plats, and Golds”, Aceu said.

According to him, Europe servers are also not better either. Players can find Ranked matches on Europe servers with high ping. But then again, those servers are full of cheaters and DDoSers. So, Aceu doesn’t understand how people enjoy playing Ranked nowadays.

Nonetheless, Aceu confirms that he’ll play Ranked once Respawn fixes it. At the end of the clip, Aceu mentions, “bring back Season 13 Storm Point Ranked.” So, it is evident that Aceu preferred how the Ranked system was back in Season 13.

But the good thing is one of the Respawn developers confirmed that they’d fix the SBMM system very soon. So, it may also improve the Ranked system and bring more players to Apex Legends once again.

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