Apex Legends Community Debates on Which Legend Should Return to its Released State

Apex Legends‘ meta is constantly evolving. Respawn makes changes to legends almost every season. So, players discuss which Legend should be reverted to its released state.

Currently, there are 23 characters in Apex Legends. Catalyst was the newest Legend to join the roster in Season 15. The Legends we see today weren’t always the same. Respawn made continuous changes to these Legends every season to spice things up for the community.

However, not all changes were accepted equally by the players. Although Respawn always tried to be neutral while balancing the Legends, some of the changes remain heavily controversial among the community.

Although the community still holds up hope for the return of their cherished Legends to the former states, it appears quite improbable. Nonetheless, let’s find out what Legends players would love to see brought back to their older selves.

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Which Legends Should Be Reverted in Their Released State?

A recent Reddit post in Apex Legends subreddit created a healthy debate among the players regarding which legends players want to see reverted to their original released state. Players shared mixed opinions about different legends in the thread.

Like always, most people, including Scoobie101 agree that Lifeline should return to her former glory. They think Lifeline’s Fast Heal and Shield Revive should never have been removed from the game.

Some of the veteran players, including Viper_Visionary shared that Pathfinder’s initial state was really fun. So they would love to see this friendly robot return to its released state.

However, the community also appreciates that the broken characters like Seer and Horizon were nerfed as they were too powerful upon initial release. Let’s see what No_Operation_5751 and Siah666 have to say about these two Legends.

There is lots of positive and negative feedback about different Legends who previously dominated the Apex Legends meta. As a result, it is unlikely that Respawn will ever revert a Legend to its released state to maintain the game’s balance.

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