A new map codenamed “frostbite” might be coming very soon in CS:GO

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Valve

A new leak by a pretty reliable CS:GO data miner just confirmed that a new map is making its way into the game.

Recently Valve has been pretty active with CSGO as with each new update they added some important features like improved visibility, a new trust mode, etc. And the next update might add a new map with the code name “frostbite“.

However, some players in the CSGO community think that just adding some random maps is just not enough anymore. While games such as VALORANT is slowly adding more content and balance changes with each new update, players want Valve to give CSGO as much attention as they give Dota 2. Even though in the recent few months CSGO saw some love from Valve, the cheating problem in the game has made players less enthusiastic about the possibility of Valve just adding another map.

Frostbite CSGO
Image via Valve

Consequently, players still think that Valve is not providing enough support to combat this new army of cheaters. The addition of the new trusted mode is still not working as intended. As a matter of fact, some players realized that cheaters became more widespread after the new update went live.

As of now, players are leaving behind official matchmaking in droves and using third-party services like Faceit for their more robust anti-cheat solution. Most players want Valve to add a more effective solution than what it is providing at the moment.

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