A New Leak in Apex Legends Suggests a 3v3 Style Team Deathmatch Game Mode on Kings Canyon

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

A new leak in Apex Legends from a pretty reliable data miner hints at the existence of a new Team Deathmatch game mode.

Based on all the leaks, it seems like this new game mode will be played on the Kings Canyon map. There will be different ‘arenas’ scattered throughout the whole map where a 3v3 style TDM match will be played.

Both teams will be spawned on different Gibraltar bubbles, called spawns A and B, respectively. Also, there will be 4 different load-outs for players to choose from. It might be similar to how load-outs worked in the recent train LTM.

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Team Deathmatch Mode on Kings Canyon

Additionally, there will be one airdrop in the center of these arenas, along with one medical supply bin on each side of the aisle. This means players from both sides might be able to heal themselves mid-combat.

Apparently, there will also be three ring stages. Based on the leaks, the arenas where this game mode might take place are:

The Rig
Broken Relay
Water Treatment

These were found in the game files as of writing, so the final result may still vary. Since these are still leaks, take them with a grain of salt. Just because it is found in the game files doesn’t signify that it is officially confirmed.

Since things can still change at the last moment, it is still too early to tell exactly how a TDM-type game would actually work in Apex Legends.

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Update: Respawn later made some adjustments to the old concepts and finally released the official TDM in Season 16.

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