A designer from Respawn explains why Gibraltar is not getting any nerf with the new update in Apex Legends

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

Apex Legends’ new collection event called “Lost Treasures” will also come with a buff to legends like Lifeline.

At the same time, the Apex community has been asking for a Gibraltar nerf for a long time. Instead of nerfing Gibraltar, Respawn decided to actually buff Lifeline. After a player asked Respawn about what the rationale behind this decision was, a Respawn dev on Reddit explained why they decided not to nerf Gibraltar at the moment.

Respawn developer Reddit
Image via u/ThisIsWhatLifeIs

According to a designer at Respawn, Gibraltar has the third-lowest encounter win rate coupled with the second-lowest pick rate. As a result, the data don’t show any real reason for Respawn to nerf Gibraltar at this time. However, Gibraltar has a very high win rate. Apparently teams with a Gibraltar are most likely to win a match as his team utility is through the roof at the moment.

Although Gibraltar did receive a Nerf recently, where his dome’s cooldown was increased slightly to make him more balanced in team fights. Even after these subtle changes, Gibraltar’s utility is just too great in team fights right now.

Does Gibraltar really need a nerf?

It wasn’t a long time ago when Gibraltar was hated in the Apex community for being too underpowered/useless. After some player complaint, Respawn did buff him a couple of times to the point where he became an essential pick in high tier competitive lobbies. Some pro teams even made Gibraltar a permanent member of their lineup.

Gibraltar Apex nerf
Image via Respawn

However, his usability in a team fight is a bit too much right now. He definitely needs some sort of nerf. Even Respawn devs acknowledged that his win rate is super high at the moment. Furthermore, Lifeline is supposed to get a buff in the next collection event. That should indirectly nerf Gibraltar in some way.

Respawn devs are always actively trying to listen to the community to get the character balance right in Apex. As with every other multiplayer game, buffing one character might nerf other characters in some other way. So, we have to take a closer look at how this new Lifeline buff plays out in the Apex games to decide whether or not Gibraltar truly deserves a nerf.

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