Apex players want Respawn to bring back grindable event packs in the game one more time

Players want the old grindable event packs back

Apex Legends fans want Respawn to bring back the ability to grind event-specific packs in the game.

Back in the Iron Crown event, Respawn allowed players to grind event packs for free. Players had the ability to complete daily challenges to be eligible for getting some event packs. Although Respawn received a huge backlash from the Apex community regarding the pricing of these skins.

Grindable event packs in Apex
Image via Respawn

And there was no other way to unlock these skins by using your crafting material. So players had to basically buy expensive event packs and gamble if they wanted to get the exact skin that they want.

After figuring out how much it would cost to unlock every skin including Bloodhound’s heirloom, the whole Apex community lashed out at Respawn. And it led to some unfortunate confrontation between Respawn dev and the community.

Will they ever bring back grindable event packs?

However, after receiving player feedback, Respawn finally decided to change how event packs worked. Even though they are now slightly cheaper and you can actually unlock them using 2400 crafting materials., they are still out of reach for many players.

According to an interview with Vince Zampella, the head of Respawn Entertainment, the Iron Crown event was for the most part was a huge success for Respawn. While it was quite unfortunate how the fans reacted to these prices, the end result of the event was indeed really successful for Respawn.

Although now players are apparently asking Respawn to bring back the grindable event pack once again. However, some players in the community are voicing their concern about how bringing back grindable event packs might actually also bring back the sky-high price tag for these skins.

Since the last monetization model where Respawn gave away free event packs received a lot of backlashes, Respawn reverted back to a new policy. Therefore it is highly unlikely that Respawn would actually revert back to giving away grindable event packs for free.


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