The new Lifeline buff in Apex will enable players to revive two teammates at the same time confirmed by a dev

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Respawn

The announcement of Lifeline’s new buff in Apex Legends‘ new event “Lost Treasures” has already made every Lifeline mains really happy.

According to the design director of Respawn, that is not all. Apparently, with the new buffs, you will be able to revive both of your teammates at the same time. After the reveal of the new buff if you thought it was kind of overpowered then you are definitely in for a shock.

Lifeline’s passive was always helpful in critical scenarios where your team just needed a quick revive before you get third partied. However, with the new update Lifeline players will be able to revive one teammate with her doc drone while she can manually revive the other one on her own.

Lifeline in high tier competition?

In worst-case scenarios, if you happen to have a gold backpack just imagine the possibility of you reviving both of your teammates at once. It would definitely change the outcome of the match. While Lifeline’s pick rate in competitive matches is decent, but at high Elo, it is really rare to see teams picking lifeline over legends like Gibraltar. Although this update might change the competitive landscape in a big way.

Lifeline buff
Image via Respawn

With this additional buff, she can be even more helpful to her squad than ever before. She will be able to provide cover fire for teammates while reviving her teammates at the same time. This addition will definitely make her more eligible for playing at a very high level.

Even before the patch Lifeline was in a pretty decent spot. Her pick rate in public matchmaking was good. Although some lifeline mains were still complaining about how Gibraltar’s passive that allowed him to revive teammates faster while in his dome was putting Lifeline in a pretty bad spot.

Seems like this new rework to her passive might boost her popularity to a whole new level. Respawn has been on a roll recently with all the recent buffs to characters like Mirage, Revenant, Bloodhound, etc.

Almost all of these subtle character buffs have made the lobby way more diverse in terms of how many varieties of squads you can witness in the game. With even more buffs planned for legends like Octane, the future of Apex legends has never been brighter.

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