A Broken Apex Legends Bug is Giving Players Infinite Attachment Loot

Nazmul Hassan
By Nazmul Hassan
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Apex Legends players have discovered a new exploit that gives players infinite attachments, thus making it broken.

Since the beginning of Apex Legends, Respawn has regularly introduced new updates and features to the community. The contents always undergo intense playtesting by the developers before the final release.

Yet, many bugs and glitches make it into the game unnoticed by the developers, which is not very uncommon for a massive game like Apex Legends. So, when the actual content is released, and millions of players hop into the servers, countless bugs and glitches come out of the closet.

Similarly, starting from Season 16, players have found many bugs and glitches in the game. However, none of the bugs or exploits have gone this far as the one that you’re about to witness now. This game-breaking exploit gives players maximum attachments on their weapons infinite times.

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Infinite Attachment Loot Exploit

With Season 16, Apex Legends has introduced tons of new content to the game. The biggest change happened with the complete Legend class overhaul. The Legend class changes also introduced perks for all the classes. This is where the fun begins.

Similar to Support Legends, Assault Class Legends can now access special red loot bins that give them weapon attachment upgrades. The secret compartment from the loot bin only provides 4. But you can basically access the secret compartment infinite time as an Assault Legend and get infinite weapon attachments and ammo using the exploit.

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To make this exploit work, players need to have at least one Assault Legend on their team. Also, they need a trident. So, the exploit will only work on Broken Moon and Storm Point maps.

After you have a Trident, get to an Assault loot bin. Open the bin and the secret compartment as an Assault Legend, and get all the upgrades. After that, one player needs to hop onto the opened Assault loot bin. While a player is there, another player needs to hit the loot bin while riding the trident, and it will immediately close the Assault loot bin, resetting the secret compartment.

Now, when the Assault Legend opens the red loot bin and the secret compartment again, they’ll find new weapon attachment loots and upgrades. Players can keep this going on forever and get unlimited attachment loots.

Keep in mind that this article is just for educational purposes. This is an exploit and can be bannable by Respawn. So, it is recommended that you don’t try it in actual games, especially in ranked. Respawn is yet to address the issue. But it looks pretty likely that they’ll patch this in the Sun Squad Collection Event update.

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